High Altitude: ACH130

— Aston Martin Lagonda and Airbus Corporate Helicopters reveal a special edition ACH130 in the heart of the French Alps. It was a clear day in January, and the mountains were blanketed with fresh snow. Helicopter blades beat the air overhead, descending on Courchevel. At the intersection of the world’s largest ski area in the…

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The First Aston Martin SUV Hits the Market

aston martin suv

The Aston Martin SUV is here. I’ll admit, when the world’s top luxury autos began their descent into the sport utility market, I didn’t love it. A partial truth, yes. Maserati graced us with the Levante back in 2015. Bentley followed suit by introducing the Bentayga, a mid-size crossover SUV. But the model that intrigued…

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The Shape of Things to Come: Inside the Aston Martin DB11

This past fall, Aston Martin debuted its all-new, striking DB11. By the courtesy of Aston Martin Summit/Short Hills, I was fortunate enough to get a look inside the brand’s latest (and highly anticipated) model during a private unveiling held at Parlay Studios in Jersey City before its official release. Over the past few years, the…

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Luxury North Jersey Media Magazine, VUE, Hosts Launch Party

north jersey media

Luxury North Jersey Media Magazine, VUE, Hosts Launch Party VUE Magazine, a leader in the North Jersey media industry, hosted the launch party for the Spring 2016 magazine on April 14th. 400 of North Jersey’s most affluent men and women, including local celebrities, business owners, entrepreneurs, North Jersey media outlets, and politicians, all celebrated the…

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Aston Martin: Vanquish Volante

Aston Martin Vanquish Volante

It seems like everywhere you look, there’s another auto review. Well, here’s one from a different point of vue. Although I will get into the basics such as torque, tech, and comfort, you won’t be reading about safety features or child proof windows. That’s because this review is about one of the baddest cars I’ve…

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