10 Top Luxury Car Dealerships in NJ

Here are 10 top luxury car dealerships in NJ that are sure to meet your car dreams. In this list you’ll find everything from top-notch sports cars fit for a race track, to the most luxurious vehicles beloved by the royal family. 1. Lamborghini Paramus Let’s kick things off with some Italian craftsmanship at Lamborghini…

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The Art of Grand Touring: The New Bentley Continental GT


By Damien Reid It’s been a long time coming but thanks to some co-development and co-operation from sister company Porsche, Bentley has released its first new Continental GT in 15 years. Porsche’s contribution is not immediately visible but the new Continental rides on a modular platform that’s shared among the VW Group’s front-engine with rear…

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On the Road to Enlightenment with the Karma Revero


What goes around comes around. An idiom prescribed by chastising mothers teaching their children about the consequences of actions. But the phrase doesn’t have to be negative. When viewed from a glass half full, the phrase asserts that good people reap the benefits of their kindness. Along similar lines, hard work, focus on excellence and…

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Supersonic Renaissance: The Aerion AS2


Kick off your shoes, stretch out on the couch, adjust your pillows and curl up with your favorite book. Check the console. It’s a balmy 82 degrees in Venice. Looking down on the endless clouds below racing by at 1,000 miles per hour as you cross the Atlantic three hours faster than the average commuter?…

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