Alstede Farms in NJ: Sustainably-Fun Activities for All

Alstede Farms in NJ

Alstede Farms in NJ extends an ever-changing and wholesome invitation to earth’s finest offerings. The family-owned farm in Chester, New Jersey, takes great pride in its ethical farming practices and its legally preserved, 600 acres of luscious greenery.  

Alstede Farms in NJ welcomes you to make fresh discoveries every day while revitalizing your pallet. The fully-stocked Alstede Farm and Shop makes shopping convenient for the finest selection of freshly picked fruits and vegetables, grass-fed meats, fresh quiches, jams, honey, sweet treats, and more. The Alstede family seeks to nourish their community and continuously harvest fresh produce on the farm to promote healthy living. When spending a day at the Alstede Farms in NJ, make sure you visit The Hen House which offers an array of delicious bites and comfort meals to fuel your body while exploring every inch of activity the farm curates.

The Ice Cream Stand

For those with an overwhelming sweet tooth, the ice cream stand offers Alstede fresh ice cream, rich and delicious. The Italian ice, soft serve, and seasonal specialty flavors which proudly leverage the farm’s harvested ingredients will leave your mouth watering for more. Unique flavors like Jersey Peach, Moose Tracks, Cotton Candy, and Cherry Pistachio, are just a few of the vast selections Alstede Farms in NJ serves.

Farming Practices

Alstede Farms in NJ fosters a dedicated team who passionately works to produce the highest quality of fruits and vegetables in the northeast. The Alstedes have received national accolades for their soil and water conservation practices which are essential for crop production in the realm that they do. They forefront sustainable and natural growing methods to enrich their soil, helping to mold the invigorating flavors of Alstede Farms in NJ.

The Alstede Farms Cider Mill

Nothing comforts the soul while spending a day on the farm like freshly-tasting apple cider. The Alstedes use a variety of hand-picked apples which enrich the cider with a fresh and complex taste. It truly is the perfect balance of not too tart and not too sweet. Once the apples are processed to collect the golden cider, the liquid is passed by an Ultra Violet light to ensure bacteria are removed, resulting in a healthier product with an extended shelf life. When making a trip to Alstede Farms in NJ, you are guaranteed the purest quality of ingredients which is a testament to their sustainable and ethical farming practices. 

Pick Your Own

While Alstede Farms does harvest the freshest fruits and vegetables, you can conveniently pick your own produce from the fields and orchards. This is open every day during harvest season, beginning in late May and ending in November. Items to pick vary on the month and season, however you can view the general harvest schedule and immerse yourself in the farming culture of Alstede Farms.

Mazes and Trails

Alstede Farms in NJ welcomes family-fun activities for all. Traversing through mazes and trails and riding on hay wagons capture the preserved beauty of nature’s authentic mold. The Blooming Giants Sunflower Trail invites guests to pick in the fields and orchards, all while learning about how Alstede Farms locally harvest their ingredients. Every year, Alstede Farms opens a giant-themed corn maze with pit stops along the way where you will be enlightened by interesting facts about the farm and its history. The Evergreen Maze, a maze of lush, evergreen trees boasts the natural beauty that the expansive land upkeeps. For those who seek a challenge, the Harvest Moon Hayride is one where you can adventure through the maze under the beaming moonlight. 

Wine & Hard Cider Tasting

A day at the Alstede Farms in NJ encourage adults to unwind after a tireless day of family fun with refined wine tasting. Alstede Farms partners with New Jersey’s largest winery, Tomasello Winery, renowned for creating over 40 types of award-winning wines. Classics like Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio, and Chardonnay, and rarities like Blaufrankisch, Rkatsiteli, and Petit Veredot are just a glimpse into the fine selection this tasting offers. Full tastings are available in the outdoor tasting courtyard which includes five, 1 oz. pours of their choosing. The selection changes weekly, granting guests the opportunity to try all of the delectable wines. Guests can also enjoy a hard cider tasting inside the farm store from the freshly-pressed apples that enrich the cider. 

Breakfast & Brunch

Alstede Farms offers breakfast and brunch specialties in Harvest Hall which encapsulates the atmosphere of a rustic, traditional barn. The all-you-can-eat farm-to-table buffet, tractor ride at dawn, and fruit breakfast offerings based on the seasonality and time of year you book your brunch are the perfect way to kickstart your day of entertainment at Alstede Farms.

Farm Life

A diverse variety of livestock live happily at the Alstede Farms and you have the opportunity to interact with and feed the farm animals as you please. Alstede Farms has a highly qualified team of professionals with extensive livestock and animal care training to protect the livelihood of these precious animals. You can purchase feed bags with nutritious treats that are just as nourishing for them as they are for us. Cattle, horses, sheep, goats, donkeys, ponies and mini horses, bunnies, and poultry all look forward to the admiration from guests on the farm.

Alstede Farms in NJ is not your average farm. The devotion and tireless efforts of both the family and staff speaks volumes to their seamless and ethical operation. There are endless activities and special treats to indulge in amidst your visit, so much that you will be paying a visit more than just once. 

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