Cortez Cigars Creates Flavorful and Premium Products

Established in 2006 by brothers Luis and Kristian Cortez, Cortez Cigars of Eatontown, New Jersey manufactures hand-rolled, premium cigars. Importing tobacco from all over the world, there is no shortage of variety.

First opening up in Shrewsbury, NJ, the company has come a long way with locations in NJ and one in Silver Spring, Maryland.

The current blends are Habano, Cortez Cabinet, San Vicente Corojo, Ginga, Kentucky Fire Cured, San Andres, 10th Anniversario, My Favorite, Maple Bacon Bourbon, and many still to come!

A top-selling blend is the 10th Anniversario, which has a Dominican binder, Peruvian Viso, Dominican Ligero, and Nicaraguan Viso in the filler and a Dominican C-98 wrapper with a medium strength. The tobacco in these specific cigars were hand-picked by the Cortez’s. 

In the upcoming summer 2024, a new blend will be coming out, called “The Garden State Project.” 

“What’s special about that blend is that it is grown here at the Jersey Shore,” Cortez said. “It’s Cuban seed, Jersey grown tobacco and we’re going to be blending with varying tobacco from different regions. We have now 3 years growth of NJ tobacco and after aging 2 years; we are now ready to blend the Garden State Project.”

What is extra remarkable about this impending blend is that tobacco has not been grown in NJ since it was used for personal consumption centuries ago. There were, however, many cigar factories here in the state at one time. The Cortez’s are changing this history in a marvelous way—and you can see it for yourself by visiting their place in Eatontown, ordering online or booking them. 

The Cortez’s daughter poses with a mural done by @jaymuzik of @muralmakers on Instagram.

Cortez also covers different types of events where they educate cigar enthusiasts about the art of cigar making, blending, cutting, lighting and smoking.

Approaching 18 years as a company, the values and visions have not changed. The integrity to want to do things the old-school way, their authenticity in creating blends using premium, even hard to find leaves, gives them an edge that keeps their customers wondering what they will do next.

The Eatontown spot is a grand Old Victorian home turned into a cigar factory, store and lounge which features art, murals and paintings from local artists to invoke conversation and admiration…definitely something to check out!