Haniken Jewelry: An Investment for Life

Haniken Jewelry

The family-owned business of Haniken Jewelry in Paramus, NJ, is the heart of one-of-a-kind diamonds specialized to your individualized taste. The history and deepened passion for providing an exceptional client experience as memorable as their fine selection will have you investing in Haniken Jewelry for unforgettable milestones time and time again.

Chris and Natalie Hanikeh are the dynamic duo that fuels the highly reputable status at the Bergen County location today alongside the backbone of the business, Sam Hanikeh, Chris’ father. Dating back to 40 years ago, Sam started to dip his toes in the competitive jewelry industry overseas in Europe alongside his five brothers, garnering expertise in repair work. When the brothers ventured to New York in the early 1980s, they started manufacturing in the city, eventually leveraging the opening of Haniken Jewelry today. Haniken Jewelry in Paramus has been in business for 25 years and continues to provide unparalleled services that support quality and customer satisfaction when admiring the immaculate jewelry selection.

The primary specialty of Haniken Jewelry is the collection of stellar engagement rings and wedding bands which capture both the essence of timeless style and special, momentous moments. A spanning selection of custom-made tennis bracelets and necklaces for both women and men are nothing short of fine pieces to elevate the luxurious appeal of any look. Haniken Jewelry also offers trendy, statement pieces for layering or to mix and match, and the quality speaks for itself. The large source of diamond suppliers offer a collection of diamonds that are then hand-selected to sharpen the location’s extensive inventory. The in-house services of computer-aided design for custom work, diamond setters to tenderly handle the precious gems, and jewelers to mount the vision of the piece speak volumes to the unspoken devotion and care that exact your investment. 

All of the engagement rings are certified by gemologists to assert that your investment is an investment for life. Any other purchase of fine jewelry is paired alongside a written appraisal to certify the value of the piece for the client. From custom designs that nurture individualized preferences to an already hand-picked selection, Haniken Jewelry has everything you need and more. The overwhelming desire to work with the client every step of the way when finding the most valuable piece to amplify one’s pristine jewelry collection is what drives the success of the business.  

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