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    4 Things That You Need to Know


    Every business has a story to tell. So how does someone get the opportunity to share it among tens of thousands of readers? It may be simpler than you might think! Although sometimes it just happens on pure chance, here are a few key things that help move along the process and increase your chances of being featured. This is how to get featured in a magazine:

    1 ) Press Release. A solid press release is one of the most essential parts of the process. A press release allows Publisher to get a snapshot of your brand and determine whether or not the content is a good fit for the magazine’s demographics. If you lack press coverage, you can easily hire someone to write a release or pay to have one written for you by an authoritative website or magazine title.

    2) Open Strong. You may only have a few seconds of attention from the Magazine Editor so grabbing their attention quickly is critical. Both magazines and Blogs receive dozens of inquiries daily, ensuring your opening message is both engaging and memorable is key. Make sure you pull the best parts of your business or brand early to ensure it’s read. Don’t forget to include a link to your website so that publishers can learn more about you easily.

    3) Build Relationships. This one is quite simple yet sometimes overlooked. When you build a relationship with websites and magazines like ours, you are 10X more likely to be featured. Whether that means seeking out email addresses from both Publishers and Editors and crafting a strong introduction or simply following and engaging on social media. Just be sure your target audience is in line with those you seek out for press coverage. The publishing industry is quite large, so there’s no need to overdo it!

    4) Have a plan. One of the biggest mistakes brands and businesses make is not having a real marketing strategy. Let’s face it; you want to get published so your business stands out. Getting featured is one part of the overall strategy and needs to be looked at as only a part of the big picture. The first feature you land could open endless doors and new opportunities. A good marketing plan will allow the momentum to continue and ensure future opportunities.

    5) Think of the Reader. At the end of the day, you need to put yourself in the reader’s shoes and wonder, “would I want to read about this?” If you can help create the vision for the publisher on why featuring your small business or brand will increase readership, you are on to something.