Land Ark RV | A New Way to Experience Nature in Style

Land Ark RV | A New Way to Experience Nature in Style

By Tia Verrone

Our planet is covered with the beauty of nature, but we seldom get to experience it in our day-to-day lives. Staring at pictures of rugged cliffs or endless deserts on a computer screen isn’t quite the same as finding yourself surrounded by the extreme artistry of Mother Nature. Or, if we do manage to make it out into the wilderness, it is only for a once-in-a-lifetime trip, rather than as a lifestyle change.

land arkFor Brian and Joni Buzarde,the allure of nature and their desire to experience it for themselves as well as share it with others inspired them to build their own tiny house RV and later found their company Land Ark RV. In 2010, they began sketching mobile house ideas on Southwest Airlines napkins. In June of 2011, Brian and Joni rented out a warehouse space in Houston, and by the end of 2012 had built their prototype, named Woody.

land arkToday, Brian and Joni mostly stick to design over construction and the years they spent living in Woody were invaluable to understanding the effects of each and every design decision they make. One of Land Ark’s professionally-built models, Drake, utilizes Brian and Joni’s designs to provide the comfort of a high-design house in an RV-sized package. Drake’s design comes with a modern color palette with white-washed pine paneled walls and ceiling and gray accents that is both versatile and stylish. The light color of the walls combined with the slightly darker color of the floor helps Drake seem very open and airy inside as well. The Land Ark Drake model also comes with the opportunity to make it your own. With a flex room on the main floor that can be utilized as another bedroom, whether a platform queen or bunk beds, or a studio or office.

land arkWith a full kitchen space, full bathroom, and the ability to sleep up to six, Drake provides the ultimate freedom to live on the go in comfort and style. Drake’s kitchen contains a 10.1 cubic foot refrigerator and freezer, as well as a 3-burner gas cooktop, gas oven, and a modern kitchen sink. The bathroom has a full bathtub/shower unit, toilet, vent fan and sink. The Drake’s standard unit comes with two full queen bedrooms, and the flex room allows for the opportunity to sleep even more. Additionally, Land Ark ‘s Drake has a plethora of electrical outlets and USB ports for maximum comfort and accessibility. Brian and Joni utilize their respective architecture backgrounds and passion for minimalism to intertwine function and modern trends. They do this in a way that provides fashion and comfort to help you get your sedentary lifestyle on the move.