Pink Moon Boutique: Uniquely Yours

Pink Moon Boutique

Discovering your sense of style amidst ever-changing fashion trends can be overwhelming when unsure where to look. Envisioning cohesive looks while also incorporating staple pieces into your wardrobe is quite the task. If you need to revamp your collection or some lighthearted, retail therapy,  Pink Moon Boutique in Bradley Beach, NJ eases the shopping experience with a unique, personalized touch.

Karly Hill, at only 23 years old, is the admirable owner of Pink Moon Boutique and crafted her success from the ground up. After graduating from Monmouth University in 2021 with a Marketing and Public Relations degree, she dipped her toes into the competitive corporate world and quickly shifted her aspirations toward starting her own business. Although she was marketing, she was marketing for other companies, and soon realized, “I can do this for myself,” Karly shares. 

Karly was always fascinated by the fashion industry and was quite eager to shift her dreams into a reality. At such a young age, her devotion, passion, and ambitious, business mindset compelled her to take matters into her own hands. While she always dreamed of opening the doors of her own boutique, she understood that this project wasn’t something that would unfold overnight. Prior to launching Pink Moon Boutique, Karly started an online store with a very small investment to get a feel for the demand of the industry. She blew up her own business by exploiting her brand through social media marketing and realized how her dream of opening her own boutique was seemingly in her grasp. To her advantage, there was an opportunity to really initiate the onset of her career when she saw a storefront for rent in Bradley and gave the number a call. 

Karly, along with the support of her family and friends, transformed the space in an impressive two months into what nearly a year later, is now Pink Moon Boutique. She humbly admits that the transition from an online store to a brick-and-mortar storefront was quite the transition. “With an online store, there is no overhead. It was simply something I was doing for fun,” Karly says. Having the creative control and the enthusiasm to envision the aesthetic of the boutique’s decor is every girl’s impassioned dream. Bradley Beach is such a thriving community and is optimal for Karly to build her brand with an overwhelming mission to expand Pink Moon Boutique across the state of New Jersey.

Pink Moon Boutique is a feminine wonderland. The store is embellished with pink and floral accents to really nurture the customer’s “cloud nine” shopping experience. “Welcome to your new daydream” accessorizes the door of the storefront and warmly welcomes customers to feel in touch and inspired by their own personal style. Karly is always complimented on the personalized shopping experience at Pink Moon Boutique which translates into her compassion for helping customers discover what makes them feel best. “People come in to shop at Pink Moon and feel like they’re at home.” 

For Karly, it is not only about the shopping and clothing trends, yet it is more importantly about the in-store experience that fuels her loyal consumer base. Finding outfits for customers to enhance their confidence is the most rewarding element of her position as a business owner. At Pink Moon Boutique, there is something for everyone. The clothing, accessories and the store’s ambiance cater to anyone with a fashionably inclined vision. When shopping at Pink Moon Boutique, one is destined to find high-quality, staple pieces, a last-minute fix for a night out, and timeless accessories that complement anyone’s individualized style. 

Karly carefully selects all of the merchandise for Pink Moon at buying shows in accordance with current trends which is an accolade for her involvement in the brand and its sustaining quality. “I am a good buyer because I am in the limelight of social media,” Karly says. She immerses herself in the realm of fashion blogs and magazines to draw inspiration and selects clothing where one can find anything imaginable. Professionally-inspired looks, formal attire, and casual wear are nothing short of the diversified selection that Pink Moon Boutique proudly boasts as a one-stop shop. 

Pink Moon Boutique is coming up on its grand opening, one-year anniversary this summer with an event that invites guests to indulge in the notable success and on-trend apparel of its thriving business. Pink, delectable treats, games, and riveting giveaways to win percentages off of your purchase is a lively event to anticipate that will leave you feeling one with a dream.  


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