Instagram-Worthy Sunflower Farms in NJ

Sunflower Farms in NJ

A day trip adventure awaits as the warm weather approaches at some of the most captivating sunflower farms in NJ. For a wholesome outing with family and friends or in hopes to revamp the Instagram feed, a sunflower farm in NJ is the perfect, picturesque destination. This seasonal tradition is one to uplift anyone’s mood, all the while enjoying the outdoors and the breathtaking essence of nature. Whether observing the golden flowers or hand-picking a bouquet to make for charming decor, this list of sunflower farms is just for you.

Happy Day Farm Manalapan, NJ

The Happy Day Farm is a sunflower farm in NJ that knows how to properly grow a sunflower, rich and vibrant in its yellow color. The best time to visit Happy Day Farm is subject to change as the sunflowers flourish depending on the weather, however, you can expect a day full of activity once peak season prevails. Freshly-squeezed lemonade and shaved ice will quench your thirst under the relentless sun as you traverse through the lush fields. The tractor ride to the field is included with admission and the sunflowers cost $2.50 per stem. Happy Day Farm is an interactive experience that encourages guests to bring their own cutting shears and a bucket of water to preserve the delicate sunflowers on the way home.

Holland Ridge Farms- Cream Ridge, NJ

This sunflower farm in NJ is a catalyst for content creation with the “U-pick” sunflower season that is serviced by the cultivation of flowers for over a century. Holland Ridge Farms welcomes guests to enjoy the fresh air and the breathtaking sunflower fields for just $1 each as you gently pick your own. The field bursts with vibrancy and the aroma of fresh-scented flowers that immerse you in nature and wholesome activity. Holland Ridge Farms enhances its sunflower farm with delicious cuisine from food trucks and freshly, baked goods. Special weekend events often include food truck festivals, live music, and show-stopping floral backdrops to guarantee a fun-filled weekend. 

Dalton Farms- Swedesboro, NJ

At Dalton Farms, sunflowers are a way to simply make people smile. The “U-pick” sunflower, summer season invites guests to cut their own sunflowers for $2 per stem or 10 flowers for $10. The serene fields of endless yellow flowers are most definitely Instagram-worthy and are one of the prized possessions at Dalton Farms. The Sunflower Festival is not one to miss and the endless rows of stunning sunflowers are waiting to greet you. Throughout the various trails, there are photo stations to capture the candid moments of family and friends all the while encapsulated by the impressive sunflowers. On the weekends, you can expect musical performances from local artists, cuisine from local vendors, and a delectable wine tasting that complements the perfect day trip activity. 

Stony Hill Farms- Chester, NJ

Stony Hill Farms is a sunflower farm in NJ with fields that are open for picking during the summer season. The sunflower season generally transpires from July through October giving guests plenty of time to plan a visit. The 2.5 acres and eight varieties of sunflowers encourage guests to observe, take photographs, and cut their own sunflowers. The late summer Sunflower Festival includes a wagon ride out to the delightful fields with exclusive access to an array of food vendors and live music that enhances your visit to Stony Hill Farms.

Brodhecker Farm- Sparta, NJ

Brodhecker Farms in North Jersey is known for its vibrant sunflower mazes and is excited to host guests at their majestic sunflower field in August of 2023. The seven-acre masterpiece of black oil sunflowers is the perfect way to boost your Instagram all while taking an easeful break from your day. The seemingly endless rows of sunflowers at extraordinary heights allow for time to stand still and encourage you to admire and snap away at the blossoming flowers. This “staple of Sussex County” is one to visit this summer season. 

Sunset Flower Farm- Woodbine, NJ 

Another sunflower farm in NJ can be found at Sunset Flower Farm, a highly-valued asset of this destination. The dedicated team harvests delicate flowers in the early hours of the morning and late hours of the evening to preserve the quality and freshness of nature’s artistry. The 17-acre farm perfectly nurtures the beauty of the sunflowers and is excited to have guests capture the candid entertainment of the picturesque landscape this summer season. The sunflower is a true focal point of Sunset Flower Farm, and the intense passion for the care of this precious flower makes this farm a unique visit. 

Terhune Orchards- Princeton, NJ

Terhune Orchards in Princeton, NJ preserve 200 acres of farmland, graciously welcoming and attending to over 1,000 sunflowers in full bloom beginning in late June through October. The farm hosts its “Pick Your Own” season where guests can hand-pick from a fresh selection of flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Terhune Orchards is bustling with activities, and invite guests to admire the towering flowers by taking pictures or painting the tangible beauty. “Experience nature at your leisure” at the Orchards and be sure to indulge in the famous, home-baked good along your ventures. 

Johnson’s Corner Farm- Medford, NJ

Johnson’s Corner Farm dedicates an entire celebration to the beautiful sunflower mazes of NJ. With years of expertise in the realm of growing sunflowers and a deep-rooted passion for offering fun summer activities for family and friends, this is a sunflower field in NJ you won’t want to overlook. Take a hayride through the scenic, sunflower extravaganza and stroll though the sunflower maze to immerse yourself in the delightful aroma. Ideal for your desired photoshoots, Johnson’s Corner Farm encourages guests to capture the memories and the polished nature of the farm. Pick a few flowers and visit the farm’s fresh market for homemade treats that satisfy the trip to remember.

A sunflower farm in NJ is the perfect summer past-time as you aimlessly wander the list of things to do in the area. All of the family-friendly farms on this list are eagerly looking forward to showcasing the natural beauty of these precious sunflower fields, so be prepared to savor summer’s warmth, elevate your social media feed, and enjoy a wholesome day of affordable fun. 

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