Nelson De La Nuez: The King of Pop Art

From a humble childhood in Communist Cuba to becoming one of America’s most sought-after pop artists, Nelson De La Nuez is one of art’s biggest living icons. By Michael Scivoli Los Angeles-based pop artist Nelson De La Nuez masters the language of wealth, power and fame through an immensely intellectual yet comical body of work.…

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Planet Beyond Goes Beyond the Ordinary

It’s easy to get caught up in all the tech advancements coming our way. This new generation of gadgets—sound accessories in particular—are considered a crucial part of our modern life and have become just as much a status symbol as they are a fashion statement. From ditching over-ear styles to the surge in Apple’s AirPods,…

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Manipulated Image

—You’ve seen his work at the Grounds For Sculpture in New Jersey and at Union Square in Manhattan. Now world-renowned artist Lionel Smit is back with his latest abstract exhibition in Johannesburg. The first time I spoke with Lionel Smit, we discussed his artistic aesthetic—more specifically, his sculpture work, which is loosely based around the…

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Hidden History: The Modern and Medieval Relevance of Siena, Italy

medieval relevance of Siena

As a Tuscan city, Siena, Italy has existed in the shadows of its neighbor Florence for centuries. Prior to the Italian Renaissance, the Italian Medieval Period lasted from the fifth to the eighth century when Charlemagne invaded Italy. While Florence is known for its priceless collection of Botticelli paintings, being home to the graves of…

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Arts Unbound | Choosing the Right Art for Your Home

arts unbound

The city of Montclair has always been known for its wide array of cultural experiences ranging from museums, studios, theaters, and so on. The accepting atmosphere, the continuing growth of the art community, and the contemporary setting makes it inviting for more creative types to involve themselves in that world. With this in mind, it…

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Living In Color


Design collective FEATHR is on a mission to fill the world with more art and less decoration. FEATHR roams the world collaborating with contemporary artists to create original wallpaper and fabrics. Their latest collaboration is with British graffiti and mixed media artist, Lee Herring. Herring’s contemporary landscape paintings are rich in physicality, texture and color:…

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