The Best Cruise Lines for Couples

“Cruise.” Verb. Definition: to roam, “to move about from place to place aimlessly.” Example: My partner and I cruised along the Italian coast; my partner and I went on a cruise to Greece.

Does that sound enticing? Do you want to enjoy a nice getaway with that special someone and take advantage of this warm weather? If so, check out VUE NJ’s top picks for the best cruise lines for couples. 

Virgin Voyages

This ten-year-old cruise line out of Florida has three ships and counting on their fleet and endless possibilities. Offering trips to destinations such as Miami, San Juan, Barcelona, Athens, and Portsmouth, Virgin Voyages presents guests with fair and flexible fares, over 100 destinations, exclusive super-yacht inspired cabins, and a ton of couple-friendly perks.

Each of their restaurants have menus curated by Michelin star chefs regardless if it’s casual or formal, and there are plenty of drink options. Other features include WiFi, covered gratuity for staff, group fitness classes like yoga and HIIT, shows and other entertainment, along with flexibility, whether that be in relation to booking or name changes. 

Together you can dance your troubles away in the nightclub, gamble in the casino, sip on a craft cocktail, and try their first-to-sea Korean BBQ. Options are infinite on Virgin Voyages, making them one of the best cruise lines for couples. 

The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection

The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection is definitely one of the best cruise lines for couples due to its breathtaking destinations and commitment to elegance and intimacy. Staff members are devoted to making your stay absolutely exquisite and the suites are unbeatable. 

Cruises through the Caribbean or Mediterranean are offered. Sail to Aruba or Athens, and if you can’t choose which area to hit, book a unique crossing voyage to San Juan and Lisbon or Tenerife and Bridgetown. 

Their yachts include Evrima, Ilma, and Luminara. Evrima, their youngest, holds 298 guests, allowing for private terraces in suites for further time for just the two of you. Among the other amenities are five restaurants and six lounges and kayak and paddle boarding adventures once ashore.

Ilma hosts 448 guests and also includes suites with private terraces. However, with its bigger tonnage, it holds one thing Evrima does not: a wine vault. Furthermore, their aft Marina offers a once-in-a-lifetime dining experience.

The Luminara will hit the sea in 2025 and will carry 452 guests. Featuring all of the qualities mentioned above and more, this yacht will sail through the Mediterranean while you enjoy a trip to the on-ship Ritz-Carlton Spa or simply just enjoy the view from one of the 1,000 square foot suites. 

The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection embodies luxury, making it an undeniable contender on the list of best cruise lines for couples.


Four Seasons Yachts

Four Seasons Yachts welcomes guests to “the voyage of a lifetime.” With world-class suites, exceptional design, and exclusive exploration, this lavish company has created one of the best cruise lines for couples.

Upcoming voyages include Lesser Antilles featuring Antigua & St Lucia, Grand Mediterranean featuring Mykonos & Marmaris, and Ionian and Dalmatian Coast featuring Monemvasia & Tivat. 

Their suites range from 500 to 10,000 total square feet, offering several options for you and your partner. There is even the choice to take the trip with your couple-friends and grab a connecting suite. 

Complimentary breakfast and WiFi are available, as well as large selections of food and beverages, watersports, and exercise classes, and gratuity is included with the fare. For extra charges, they offer in-suite dining, a selection of alcoholic beverages, laundry & pressing, salon and spa services, shore experiences, private exercise sessions, and customized private arrangements. 

With almost 100 years of service as a company, the Four Seasons knows how to take care of guests and provide them with an extraordinary stay. Their yachts are a superb choice in the best cruise lines for couples.

Aerial shot of the yacht at sea


MSC Cruises

Founded in Naples, Italy but now stationed in Geneva, Switzerland, MSC Cruises has everything and more. With 23 modern cruise ships and over 250 destinations, as well as the option to stay for a full vacation or just a weekend, this company is certainly one of the best cruise lines for couples. 

Destinations range from the Bahamas & Caribbean, the U.S. & Canada, Europe, South America, Dubai & the Middle East, Asia, and South Africa. MSC Cruises even has their own private island in the Bahamas. 

While the company is big on family entertainment, the activities work just as well for a couples vacation. Shows from Broadway, a zip-line, a waterpark, a Himalayan bridge, a casino, 4D cinemas, and even shopping centers like watchmaking and boutiques are all available. Their newest cruise, MSC World America, even features a new ride called “Cliffhanger,” the first and only over-water swing ride.

For a more luxurious experience, MSC Cruises has a yacht club. With all-inclusive suites that supply 24/7 butler service, a private restaurant, and a secluded pool-deck, it is ideal for a couple’s retreat.

As if MSC Cruises could not get any better, they are set to have zero net emissions by 2050. They are already one of the best cruise lines for couples, but may also just be one of the most sustainable.

Sustainability – Planet | MSC Cruises


Viking Cruises

Viking Cruises, also based out of Switzerland, presents guests with a delightful array of destinations. These include, but are not limited to, Scandinavia, the British Isles & Ireland, Australia & New Zealand, and even extends to rivers so that clients can see the beauty of the Rhine & Viking Shores & Fjords. 

With 12 nuclear-named ships, Viking Cruises offers an ethereal experience. They are number one for rivers, oceans, and expeditions, hence why they are one of the best cruise lines for couples. Serene Scandinavian interiors, unparalleled rooms and suites, destination-focused dining, entertainment, inclusivity, and of course, their award-winning service, make this cruise line a must.

They take cruising to another level with all that they offer, specifically the expeditions. Set sail to Antarctica to explore gigantic icebergs and get the once-in-a-lifetime chance to see the wildlife. If the cold isn’t you and your partner’s favorite, cruise to North, Central, and South America.

Discovery and indulgence go hand-in-hand at Viking, making them an indisputable candidate in the best cruise lines for couples.

River, Ocean, & Expedition Cruises Around the World | Viking®


The ocean may be a great big mystery, but one thing is most certainly clear: these are the best cruise lines for couples. “Relax.” Verb. Definition: “to seek rest or recreation.” Example: You should definitely relax on one of these cruises.

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