Wall Art Decor for the Home


By Vanessa Deleon

Featured designer: Vanessa DeLeon Associates
Photos: Companioni Photography

Walls are like a canvas waiting for that perfect piece to be the subject of a room. This is as true today as it was in the days of our ancestors, who left behind ancient drawings depicting everything from horses to deities. Was it to decorate their cave dwellings while sitting for hours in admiration of the work carved into their space? Or was that archaic art simply meant to tell their story? Whatever the reason, we still look to make our spaces a work of art that everyone can gather around to enjoy today. We are not talking about a beautiful Monet or the latest piece from the David Bowie collection; we’re talking about mural wall art. Here are some of my favorites.

1. Soft shades of blue and gray can be mesmerizing. This smoky watercolor mural is sexy and sensuous; and works well in most rooms.

wall art

2. Use a mural on the ceiling, transforming a magical room from wall to ceiling will bring out the creativity in any child— the sky is the limit.
wall art

3. This lion mural can create a leader quality in any home. It works well in a teen’s room, office, and library or entertainment room. King of the castle for sure!
wall art

4. Try a tree painted over the fireplace with the windows on each side for an earthy and relaxing feel. Grab a book while sitting under this tree; this works great in a living room, library, or great room. It can also be done in a kid’s room with hanging fun characters and pictures of friends or family from the branches, especially over a stairwell leading to an upstairs room.
wall art

5. This beautiful amethyst mural located in a bedroom is both elegant and powerful. This beauty goes well in any room.
wall art

6. No matter where you are, skyline city views exude luxury.  This mural is spectacular and bold; it works well in a recreation or entertainment room.
wall art




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