Above Time & Earth: The Astronomia Tourbillon

For 25 years Jacob & Co. has been known for creating revolutionary timepieces and exquisite jewelry for discerning celebrity clients and notables from the watchmaking world alike. Though the renowned brand sports a Manhattan boutique, their watchmaking atelier is located in the heart of horology—Geneva, Switzerland. Over the last few decades, their designer jewelry and watches have been recognized and respected as a global luxury label, always aiming to push the envelope just a bit further. 

Jacob & Co. truly elevated the art of watchmaking with their groundbreaking release of The Astronomia Gravitational Triple Axis Tourbillon, a timepiece of cosmic and otherworldly beauty. 

Astronomia TourbillonThe Astronomia Tourbillon combines the highest level of Swiss timepiece master craftsmanship and horological arts to fashion a watch that is a poetic visual rendering of the celestial world. But what makes this a truly remarkable (and unique) timepiece, is its design. Every element of its framework is in constant, visible motion. Under the control of its oscillator, located at the very heart of the three-axis tourbillon, the watch features an orbital display of the hours and minutes.

The timepiece animates a four-part emulation of the Earth’s connection to the universe and time’s relationship to the movement of our solar system. The three-dimensional JCAM10 caliber performs a series of multi-axial revolutions in the Astronomia Baguette upon its face, which is comprised of 342 invisibly set white baguette diamonds. In addition, for every full cycle, four individual satellites accompany the timepiece motion with their own mesmerizing movements. 

Adjacent to a titanium hand-painted Earth, the Astronomia Moon is composed of a Jacob Cut, 288-facet spherical diamond, refracting light in every direction while illuminating the face throughout its 60-second rotation around an independent axis. The Jacob Cut diamond is an invention exclusive to Jacob & Co. The handcrafted tourbillon adds an impressive effect of weightlessness just like outer space, thanks to the three axes of rotation within the design. This creates a floating effect which mimics the wonders of outer space and the sky above filled with an infinite amount of stars and mysterious planets. 

The Astronomia Tourbillon is housed in a magnificent 50 mm, water-resistant, 18K rose gold case. The timepeace floats freely as it explores the beauty and complexity of the universe. When strapped to ones wrist, the owner is treated to a show of the sky’s amazing majesticity, which was all made possible by Jacob & Co, bringing an incredible vision to reality.


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