Reaching New Heights with Kyra Condie


Kyra Condie is a rare gem in the climbing world. As an eleven-year-old girl, Condie discovered a natural talent for a sport that was populated primarily by adult males. Her determination, passion, and athletic prowess paved her...

Trevor Bell: An Influence in Fitness


Whether you’re new to fitness, or awake at the crack of dawn getting a 45-minute sweat in, keeping a consistent work regime is a daunting task for even the most experienced of gym-goers. In May of 2020, staying fit became even...

Fantastical Fitness


What is it about the allure of an indoor bicycle to a ten-year-old who climbs on and giggles while he pedals as fast as he can? Or an elliptical that causes an 8-year-old to step up and turn the tension to high just to see if she...

BDI: The Finest Functionality


For over 35 years, BDI has been creating innovative furniture collections that are both practically functional and aesthetically pleasing. A design-based philosophy is part of the company’s DNA, which ensures beautiful...



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