How to Make the Most Out of an Upcoming Tarragona Holiday

Tarragona is a large coastal city found within the autonomous Spanish region of Catalonia. Known for its splendid beaches, scintillating nightlife, and immersive history, Tarragona is also one of the most popular tourist destinations that Europe has to offer. If you happen to be planning a holiday here, it makes sense to take a quick look at some professional recommendations. These will allow you to truly experience all that such an amazing location has to offer.

All About History

Many historians believe that Tarragona was initially inhabited by Iberian peoples. However, this city truly came into a life of its own when it was occupied by the Romans. Tarragona was an important trading port, and evidence of a Roman presence is still visible.

It can be argued that the most famous historic attraction is a large amphitheater found just outside of the city center. However, this is still only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Be sure to check out other sights such as the Ferreres Aqueduct, the Cathedral of Saint Tecia (erected in 854 CE), and a series of Roman walls that have been renovated (open to the public).

Immediate Access to the Mediterranean

Tourists likewise flock to Tarragona thanks to its decidedly maritime atmosphere. Some extremely popular beaches here include:

  • Playa La Savinosa
  • Platja Llarga
  • Playa de la Mora
  • Cala Waikiki

There are also plenty of options to explore if you would instead like to avoid large crowds. Some nearby strips of sand to consider such as Trabucador Beach and Cala Fonda are both relevant alternatives. While it may be possible to access these locations by foot, many instead choose to rent a sailboat. This is also an excellent strategy if you wish to view nearby regions such as Villanova, and even the port of Barcelona.

Fun for the Entire Family

If you will be arriving here with children, never forget to include a day at Port Aventura within your itinerary. Port Aventura is the largest water park in Europe (at no fewer than 119 hectares), and six differently themed zones will provide fun for the young and old alike.

Take a Stroll Down the Rambla Nova

Rambla Nova is the most well-known pedestrian thoroughfare within Tarragona. Similar to the famous Las Ramblas of Barcelona, this street offers a plethora of attractions. Outdoor restaurants, quality hotels, gift shops, and live performers are only a handful of amenities that you can enjoy. Walking to the end of Rambla Nova will also provide access to the “Mediterranean Balcony”; a platform that boasts stunning views of the nearby harbour.

Tarragona is certainly a holiday opportunity that should never be overlooked. Whether you wish to arrive during the summer months or the winter season, this city is a stunning example of all that Spain has to offer. Get ready for an unforgettable experience!