Best Ice Cream in New Jersey: Top Spots for a Sweet Treat

When it comes to indulgent treats that capture the essence of summer, few things can compete with a scoop of delicious ice cream. From classic vanilla to distinctive flavors, the Garden State offers a rich tapestry of options for ice cream. Whether you’re a local or a visitor on a quest to satisfy your sweet tooth, join us as we explore the best ice cream spots in New Jersey, where tradition meets innovation, and every bite tells a story.

Jersey Freeze

120 Manalapan Ave., Freehold

In 1952, Jersey Freeze was founded in Freehold by the Blackmore Family. They began selling ice cream but then by the 1970’s it expanded into restaurant becoming the go-to spot for fast food and ice cream. In 2014, the Blackmore Family wanted to retire and gave ownership to Katie and Matt. Since then, they have expanded the menu, still serving delicious food and dessert and has opened their second location in Holmdel, NJ.

Mrs. Walker’s Ice Cream Parlor

908 Fischer Blvd, Toms River

132 S Main St, Forked River

Serving homemade ice cream and custom cakes in Toms River and Forked River is Mrs. Walker’s Ice Cream Parlor. Giving customers options from over 40 ice cream flavors and toppings. They also serve frozen yogurt, sugar free ice cream and Italian ice, making it the perfect dessert spot for everyone.

Applegate Farms

616 Grove St., Montclair

Emerging in the 1980’s into one of the largest retail ice cream outlets, Applegate Farms. Dating back to 1848, families of New Jersey have been enjoying fresh dairy products from the farm. Today they serve signature shakes and sundaes along with ice cream sundaes, cake and much more!

Baked Bear

15 Morris Ave. Unit 115, Long Branch

Sitting in Long Branch, right across from the beach is, Baked Bear. A delicious dessert spot serving over a dozen baked from scratch original recipe cookies and ice cream flavors. Giving the customers a choice to mix and match cookies and brownies with their favorite ice cream flavor in the middle.

Denville Dairy 

34A Broadway, Denville

The family-owned establishment, Denville Dairy has been in business for over fifty years. Serving customer delicious premium homemade hard ice cream, sherbert and Italian ice. They pride themselves in serving the best homemade ice cream.

Torico Ice Cream 

20 Erie St, Jersey City

Family owned and operated by three generations, Torico has been serving ice cream for over fifty years. Offering customers over 65 flavors of ice cream that range from classics like vanilla and rocky road to original flavors like spicy eggnog and blackforest chocolate.

The Original Rich’s Ice Cream

1801 NJ-37 East, Toms River

344 N Main St., Forked River

35 South Union Ave., Manahawkin

In 1955, Rich and June Gutwein opened the first carvel stores in Ocean County on RT 37 East, “Richie Bar.” Which became the franchise Rich’s Ice Cream. 65 years later, the franchise is still running with help from their grandson and third generation Hunter Gutwein. Keeping the tradition alive in three locations, serving quality homemade ice cream crafted with recipes handed down through the generations.

The Towne Scoop

8 Park Pl., Verona

The old fashioned, hometown ice cream parlor, The Towne Scoop, brings a nostalgic, retro ambiance in Verona. The old-fashioned ambiance appears from the decorations to the servers who wear a white shirt with a maroon apron and fancy black bow tie. Serving customers unique flavors like the Red Devil and Graham Slam along with classics like Cookies n Cream. The Towne Scoop has something for everybody.

Sparta’s Shack

640 Lafayette Rd, Sparta

Since 2022, Sparta’s Shack, has been serving delightful homemade ice cream quickly becoming beloved by Sussex County. They craft original creations that leave a lasting impression including their, Donnutella Milkshake, Dough Boat and their fun Cookie Monster Milkshake. All showcasing their unique flavors and delectable treats.

Francy’s Artisanal Ice Cream

640 Lafayette Rd, Sparta

Making ice cream out of premium ingredients from the fresh produce from local suppliers, Francy’s Artisanal Ice Cream. The flavors range from classis favorites to future-forward flavors. 

New Jersey’s ice cream scene offers a delightful array of flavors and experiences that cater to every palate. From the creamy, handcrafted scoops of iconic parlors to innovative, artisanal creations found in hidden gems, the Garden State proves that it knows how to serve up a sweet treat. So next time you’re in the mood for a sweet treat, explore the best ice cream spots NJ has to offer – your taste buds will thank you!