Yachting the Jersey Coast


Summer memories are best made on the ocean, and a good yacht is how you get there. New Jersey boasts 130 miles of popular Atlantic coastline. From the luxurious marinas overlooking Manhattan to the Victorian charm of Cape May’s boat docks, New Jersey offers hundreds of destinations where you can deboard and sit back to…

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Dawn of the Supercar: The 2018 McLaren 720S


McLaren began conquering racetracks around the world in the 1960s. Led by Bruce McLaren, the eponymous racing team has since won almost 200 Grands Prix. But it wasn’t until the 1990s that McLaren ventured to bring a supercar to market. That car was the McLaren F1, and it changed the way supercars were engineered. This…

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The Reeds at Shelter Haven: Refining the Jersey Shore

The Reeds

Motels, crowded beaches, and loud bars — much of the Jersey Shore isn’t the escape we’re looking for. But let’s face it, we’re not always going to endure the hassle of flying just for a weekend in Palm Beach; the Jersey Shore is, after all, in our backyard, and getting there is no more difficult…

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Benguela Diamonds: An Offshore Diamond Safari

Diamond Safari

Photos By Benguela Diamond Safari Port Nolloth is a small coastal town along South Africa’s Atlantic seaboard. Its beaches are exotic, but the town itself is surrounded by arid, brown land dotted with shrubs. You could mistake the landscape here for the Australian Outback. But what this dusty, South African seaside town hides is a…

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Lux Motorwerks: Customizing A Ferrari 458 Spider

Sure, a body kit with black side vents might look decent on your 2017 LS. But a custom wing spoiler and a fluorescent paint wrap? Certainly not. Luxury drives a fine line between garish and classy, and in the automotive world, nobody understands that better than Stephen Stasiulewicz, the founder and CEO of Lux Motorwerks,…

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