Clean Contemporary Craft: Premier Developers

Designing luxuriously modern homes and buildings for over 19 years.

Moving to America at the age of two from Ukraine, Peter Tiflinsky had determination in his blood. The owner of Premier Developers for over 15 years,  started off as a typical hard worker following the American Dream, but he was looking for something more out of his life. After getting married to his wife Sabrina in 2000, they purchased their first condominium in Cliffside Park. A few years later, the couple had their first child and decided it was time for a bigger place, so they decided to sell. When Tiflinsky sold the condo for twice the amount of money he paid for it a few years back, he was immediately attracted to the real estate market and decided to direct his attention to the industry.

Kicking off his career in real estate, Tiflinsky went in with no experience, just a drive toward success. He got his feet wet by purchasing single-family lots and started building homes and townhouses. When the stock market crashed in 2007, it was an unnerving time for Tiflinsky’s business, but he did what he needed to survive and in 2010 he was approached by a friend who was also a financial advisor who predicted a turn in the market. The friend believed in Tiflinsky’s building and designing skills, enabling him to receive a loan to buy multiple inexpensive properties  that turned his career around and pointed him in the direction of success. He then began purchasing multi-family buildings and larger properties, leading Premier Developers to where it is today. Tiflinsky’s craftsmanship, combined with  partnerships with top-notch architects, designers, and engineers, set Premier Developers’ buildings and homes apart from others. 

Tiflinsky and his team are involved in all aspects of the Premier Developers building process. After a property is identified, the Premier Developers team works closely with architects, engineers, and designers to seamlessly create their vision. Recently, acclaimed interior designer, Vanessa DeLeon,  jumped on board with Peter Tiflinsky for some of his projects, widening design possibilities, and adding in a new flare to the buildings. Premier Developers builds custom homes and luxury apartment buildings. For custom builds, the sky’s the limit when it comes to budget. However, spec buildings do not leave a lot of wiggle room, which is where Tiflinsky’s eye for finding great materials without breaking the bank comes in handy. Using eye-catching materials as accents, trims, and borders allows the space to be elevated without adding on to the price tag. 

While the style of Premier Developers’ buildings is ever-changing, a clean and neat aura will always be found in their designs. Using a minimalistic, open slate and unique materials for countertops, slabs, stones, and tiles, a modern design is created without going over-the-top. 

Though all of Premier Developers’ spaces have top-quality materials and amenities, the most luxurious property to live in is 20 Grand in Englewood, NJ. No corners were cut while building the 96 rental units with top-notch products, a prime location, and a plethora of amenities. From a pool, sauna, and gym, to a rooftop deck, wet bar, and recreation area, every need imaginable is right in the building. Going the extra mile on finishes, and even including a restaurant for tenants is why 20 Grand is so desirable. 

Considered Premier Developers biggest accomplishment is The Alexa in Montvale, boasting 11 buildings that are home to 63 units with private elevators. The Alexa is a gated community that includes a pool, tennis court, playground, and dog park for tenants to enjoy. The up-and-coming area of Montvale is home to great schools, beautiful neighborhoods, and is also a transit town, making commutes and weekend trips a breeze. Montvale is a hidden Bergen County gem that is becoming a hot-spot for those making the move to Jersey due to the close proximity to New York City and the laid-back-urban way of life in Northern Jersey. The Alexa is attracting more and more ex-New Yorkers, and half of the units have already been sold. 

Building a multitude of luxury buildings throughout New Jersey, Premier Developers has put itself on the map in the world of builders. Their modern layouts, unique designs, and attention to detail set their buildings apart from others in the area. For more information on Premier Developers’ upcoming projects and available units, go to