Cut From A Different Cloth

From back to school to Fashion Week, autumn has marked the start of new trends our entire lives. But what is it about this time of year that makes fashion so different from the previous seasons? The obvious answer is the addition of layers but it’s more than that, it’s what those layers represent, our sense of individuality. More clothes equal a multitude of mixing and matching, combinations and patterns all your own. In essence, our personal sense of style is one of the things that makes us different from everyone else.

Fashion Designer Byron Lars has built a brand on being different simply by mixing it up. Using detailed tailoring, Lars blends an array of textured fabrics, which are sourced from several different countries, in order to create new, original garments. Byron Lars’ Beauty Mark line, which uses seam lines and flares to accentuate curves, is centered around a body conscious fashion silhouette. Featuring items like embroidered jackets and knit sweater dresses, the line’s apparel is not made to be tight, but fit nicely to the body. The fall 2015 line endeavors to create artistic trends that are comfortable for women to wear while still remaining animal-friendly by using faux fur and vegan leather. With the courtesy of Boutique 811 in Franklin Lakes, NJ, we got an inside look at some of the cold weather styles coming our way this year.

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Boutique 811
811 Franklin Lake Road
Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417