Eric Goldstein Launches Denim Repair

There’s always that one pair of jeans that’s your go-to until one day, the unthinkable happens, and you’re left with an unsightly rip, tear, or sometimes gaping hole. For years we had no other choice but to throw that beloved pair away or patch up the damage, which let’s face it, wasn’t fooling anyone. Eric Goldstein, a New Jersey-native and the man behind Gap 1969 and Jean Shop NYC has recently launched a new denim repair project in which he promises to restore your denim disaster with his patented reweaving technique.

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Eric Goldstein

After graduating from Philadelphia University in in 1988, Goldstein was immediately scouted by noted fashion designer Ralph Lauren who brought him on board as one of the first four people to start Ralph Lauren RRL. Goldstein’s passion for denim was evident from the start and from then on, his finishing technique was used within the company. In 1992, he was then recruited by Mickey Drexler of Gap and responsible for creating the brand known today as 1969. Over the years, Goldstein also went on to partner with the founders of Lucky Brand to start Jean Shop NYC, which today can be seen on stars ranging from Justin Theroux to Calvin Harris.

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Goldstein’s latest venture, however, was started out of necessity, after realizing the predicament people face everyday when it comes to parting with their possessions. Taking notes from his 30+ years of industry experience, and with help from his wife and co-founder Jill, Goldstein’s web-based denim repair business uses an eco-friendly darning machine to repair any holes or rips and also offers tapering, hemming, and pocket and zipper fixes. Prices vary according to exactly what you need repaired and once you select your option, mail out your jeans along with a confirmation letter and approximately two weeks later, your pants will arrive back to you good as new. For more information and pricing details, please visit their website