Dr. Shaurice Mullins Helps Women on their Journey to Success

About Dr. M

Dr. Shaurice Mullins, or Dr. M to many, is a multi-million dollar business owner who coaches clients in positivity, creativity and manifestation to help them live a unique and prosperous life. Owner of Shaurice Mullins International, she knows the right way to aid those looking to transform their lifestyle through experience and knowledge.

Dr. M grew up with scarce funds in the South, but through focus and determination, she is now a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Best-Selling Author, Spiritual Catalyst, Change Integrator, Manifestation Coach, proud owner of two successful companies and the founder of the Inner Design Membership Community, as listed on her fun and colorful website

What She Offers

Even with all of her success, Dr. M continues to help others embark on their own journey, in which members who join get access to exclusive lectures and workshops, personal development events, monthly live group coaching, access to coaches and experts, monthly book club reading and Q&A, private forums and discussion groups as well as special offers and course discounts. 

For free, Dr. M shares how to get more out of life through a workshop called, “The Abundant Mindset,” in which she shares her “4 Key Success Concepts for Shifting Your Mental Trajectory & Creating an Abundance of Wealth in All Areas of Your Life.”

These four processes helped Dr. M grow from a single mother on welfare to this inspirational, wealthy and strong female entrepreneur. These include discovering your major influencers, the top two attributes hindering your success, how your thinking and actions directly affect your abundance and the steps the mind goes through when processing new information and how to use it to your advantage. 

Dr. M also lists short articles that are incredibly interesting for those looking to get a taste on what she is all about. These feature “The Power of Feminine Energy,” “How To Be Clothed With Power” and “Staying Strong During Trying Times.” 

Giving Back Dr. M Style 

If you thought Dr. M was awesome already, there is even more to her that makes her so wonderful. Giving back is a huge part of her lifestyle, and in her own words, “Giving back isn’t a buzzword for us. It’s a way of life at [Shaurice Mullins International].”

Listed on her website are Our Lady Of Victory Primary School, Tressor Women Warriors, Agi Daffeh Brand and the Coaches of Influence Foundation. Check out her Giving Back page for more information about these organizations and why they hold a place in Dr. M’s heart.

Dr. M is also the owner of two other companies, Elite Disaster Consulting (EDC) and Elite Disaster Consulting International (EDCI). EDC, located in North Carolina, is a minority-owned business that aids communities after they face severe weather disasters such as hurricanes and floods. Dr. M is featured on The U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce for her amazing efforts and successes with this corporation. EDCI, on the other hand, is based in San Juan, Puerto Rico and focuses on their local and state governments. 

She is also featured on the Worldwide Women’s Association due to her long history of success and positive impact. 

Notable Work

Dr. M’s book, “The Processed Woman: Your Purpose Is On The Other Side!” was released in 2013 and has great reviews. In this motivating novel, Dr. M addresses women “old enough to read and young enough to still be blessed with good eyesight,” in an encouraging way. She dives into her personal coping strategies and gives advice to those facing challenges. Even men can gain insight from the book, as it is made to help people “from all walks of life and of all ages achieve stability, live purpose-driven lives, and learn from their higher power.” Although it is marketed towards women, Dr. M’s approach to living a purposeful and fulfilled life is good for all. 

Coming soon from Dr. M is “The Invincibility Codes,” another book she describes as a tool that “will ignite you to grow beyond the blockages and hindrances that may be present in your mental or emotional being. It will guide you through the devotional inner work and conscious outer work so you can bring about the manifestations you desire to experience in your life.”

Keeping Up with Dr. M

In January 2024,  the SMI team will be traveling to The Gambia, Africa to the Tresor Women Warriors General Meeting. From 100 Women to over 7,000 Women worldwide! Thousands of ambitious women will be coming together to celebrate five years of work and achievements. Our Strength Is In Our Bravery and Unity!


As a motivational speaker, spiritual guide, holistic health professional and pretty much everything in between, Dr. Shaurice Mullins is an exemplary woman with no shortage of powerful wisdom. To see her in person, check out her list of events or contact her through her website!