EmFace: Fewer Wrinkles, Greater Lift


Taking intensive care of your skin is one of the best ways to preserve your youth and EmFace is the first and only natural, needle-free procedure that successfully does so during a short, 20-minute session. As your muscles weaken with age, so does your skin, and EmFace is a laser treatment designed by BTL Aesthetics that non-invasively targets areas of the muscles and skin, while simultaneously tightening, lifting, and contouring the structure of your face. The clinical studies supporting this revolutionized treatment lift the skin without the discomfort of needles, protecting the quality of your skin in its most pure form. Leave the botox and fillers behind and get treated with EmFace to promote fewer wrinkles and greater lift. 

EmFace is a workout for your face that simultaneously rejuvenates facial skin without the need for intricate, facial exercises. This advanced treatment remedy is the first on the market to soothe skin with synchronized RF and HIFES™ technology emissions. RF energies revitalize the skin by heating the skin’s surface, simultaneously increasing the production of new collagen and elastin fibers. The HIFES™ technology targets isolated muscle groups in the face, restoring facial tissue while gently massaging the muscles to improve the quality of the facial structure. The combination of radio-frequency with electromagnetic stimulation lifts the most expressive areas of the face as subtly and naturally possible. This two-in-one procedure results in an average of 37% wrinkle reduction and a 23% lifting effect, all the while increasing muscle tone by 30%. 

Anyone seeking to rehabilitate their skin as a preventative for impending aging or to reduce the visibility of wrinkles is a perfect candidate for the EmFace treatment. While the applicators target the forehead and cheeks, the effects of EmFace are remarkable in the overall facial appearance. EmFace lifts the brows, cheeks, and corners of the mouth to conserve the livelihood of your complexion. This painless procedure is both simple and effective. There is no preparation or post-treatment required and the process simulates the feeling of a hot stone massage. EmFace is also complementary to botox and fillers, so there is no need to worry about the interference of previous injections with EmFace. The applicators are pressed softly on the skin for 20 minutes where you will feel a calming, heating sensation along with mild muscle pulsating. The contractions gradually intensify throughout the treatment, yet the overall process is quite smooth and seemingly painless. The treatment generally consists of four to six 20-minute sessions scheduled within a weekly window of one another. The treatment is not only convenient in demanding minimal time, yet it also produces immediate results that only enhance after each session. 

EmFace is here to replace the often preferred methods of botox and filler to refresh the face in intuitive ways. With immediate results that lift, tighten, and revitalize your face with results that become more optimal over time, EmFace is redefining the realm of non-surgical skincare remedies.


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