Best Spas in NJ: For the Mind, Body, & Soul

Best Spas in NJ

There is no better way to de-stress or to calm the body and mind than to unwind at some of the best spas in NJ. Known for its exceptional realm of luxury and intricately designed treatments, this carefully curated list of the best spas in NJ will bring you an unmatched element of relaxation designed for pleasure, health, and optimal well-being. 

After an exerting week, it is natural for our body and our mind to feel overwhelmed and particularly tense. These spa and resort destinations throughout the state of New Jersey offer unparalleled services, treatments, and amenities to alleviate the tension in our minds, body, and soul.

1. DePasquale The Spa – Morris Plains, NJ

DePasquale The Spa in Morris Plains, NJ is an oasis of beauty, relaxation, and wellness earning a spot on the list of best spas in NJ. With refined aesthetic services like facials, massage therapies, body treatments, waxing, threading, and sculpture, this spa experience will cosmetically revitalize your physical and mental health.

The staff at DePasquale The Spa works on a European Level System which measures years of experience to best suit the needs of clients. With artists and wellness specialists at every level, clients are guaranteed the most attentive services and treatments to ease their relaxation. Services like dermaplaning, designed to exfoliate, extract, and cleanse the toxins of our skin will leave you feeling replenished and smooth. Unique, detoxifying facial treatments leveraging powerful antioxidants gently infuse your skin to maximize hydration and counteract inflammation.

Various massage therapy treatments aim to de-stress your spirit and carefully cater to the specific needs and wants of the client. Body sculpting ice is a natural product comprised of herbs, essential oils, and other natural ingredients that promote skin restoration while detoxifying your body. 

DePasquale The Spa, one of the best spas in NJ, nurtures an environment to enhance beauty, health, and wellness through its luxurious treatments and satisfying services.

2. Island Spa & Sauna – Edison, NJ

Island Spa & Sauna is a modernized Korean day spa in Edison, NJ offering amenities to fulfill all of your self-care needs. As one of the best spas in NJ, immerse yourself in the traditional Korean spa culture through aroma steam rooms, saunas made from earthy materials, hydrotherapy baths, and showers. 

Allow your body to melt during deep tissue massages, easing the tension in your body from head-to-toe. From a fine selection of full-body massages that blend specialized pressing, soothing, and stretching techniques, to hot stone massages which deeply penetrate the muscles are nothing short of a serene experience. 

The unique element of this spa is the differently-designed saunas that target specific areas to your needs. The final stop after a calming day at the spa, Ice Island, helps regulate the body’s temperature, tightens the skin, and helps to improve overall well-being. Treasure Island is their hottest room, with immense calming and healing power. Charcoal Island, Salt Island, Forest Island, and Clay Island, all derived from nature’s purest materials, each individually provide clients with detoxifying nutrients that boost the immune system and conditions of the skin. 

The Korean body scrubs for full body exfoliation and an extensive selection of facial treatments make the Island Spa & Sauna one of the best spas in NJ.

3. SoJo Spa Club – Edgewater, NJ

SoJo Spa Club, a multi-level, all-season spa and bath house with captivating views of the NYC skyline is enthralling in its luxurious design and its devotion to curating a relaxing environment. With world-class amenities like heated, outdoor pools and baths, saunas, therapy rooms, lounge spaces, and dining, SoJo Spa Club is undoubtedly one of the best spas in NJ with exceptional services to ease and reduce stress. 

The diverse treatment menu offers therapeutic full body massages that intensely concentrate on deep muscle relaxation to alleviate common discomfort. They also offer a selection of on-the-go treatments derived from ancient Chinese healing techniques which target isolated areas of the body that will revitalize your body from head-to-toe. The Korean body scrub treatments infused with therapeutic oils stimulate circulation throughout the body and seamlessly neutralize your aura. 

SoJo Spa Club is an exclusive wellness retreat, known as one of the best spas in NJ.

4. Avanti Day Resort – Manalapan, NJ

Prepare to be pampered with award-winning spa services at Avanti Day Resort in Manalapan, NJ. Guests are granted the best treatment at this enchanted spa that will replenish their bodies and mind. With services such as facial therapies, full body luxurious treatments, teeth whitening, and waxing, you will experience a stimulating physical and mental transformation leaving you feeling like your best self. The new Himalayan Salt Room simulates a salt mine microclimate which promotes antiseptic and anti-inflammatory benefits. It pairs perfectly with the diverse selection of massages, with a few stemming from the roots of Balinese, Thai, and Swedish cultural techniques. Avanti Day Resort offers specialized facials including, but not limited to, targeting acne, fine lines, and premature aging. They even offer the ‘Avanti Signature Facial’ which is a custom-designed skincare routine consisting of deep cleansing, steaming, toning, exfoliation, écolleté massage, and moisturizer.

Avanti Day Resort also extends services through its medi-spa, with treatments such as botox and fillers, cool sculpting, cupping therapy, dermaplaning, emsculpt, and hydrafacials. These services and the exceptional treatment at Avanti Day Resort reserve a spot as one of the best spas in NJ. 

5. Wave Spa – Long Branch, NJ 

Wave Spa, located on the second floor of Wave Resort, is a luxury spa experience along the calming Jersey Shore in Long Branch that will leave you feeling like the best version of yourself. It aims to help clients seek their inner balance, harmoniously connecting the mind, body, and spirit. At Wave Spa, pure elements infused in the treatments such as marine mud, seawater balm, black sand, and body milk are all transformative in helping to detoxify and relax your body from head-to-toe.

The sea-inspired ‘Wave Massage’ begins with the application of warm, marine mud to any desired area of your choice, massaged into your muscles by a specialized therapist and complimented by a seawater-infused massage balm. At the Wave Spa you could also book appointments for a sports recovery massage, treating areas that have become tight or swollen, a classic massage, a deep tissue massage, a prenatal massage for a mother-to-be, and scrubs that are delicate to the skin. The spa also includes a relaxation lounge and an outdoor terrace that elevate the traditional spa experience and welcome the healing nature of the Jersey Shore. 

This list of the best spas in NJ boast some of the most luxurious and upscale spas across our state with services that will bring you peace of mind like nothing else. 

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