Living Healthy At The SHA Wellness Clinic

When Alfredo Bataller Parietti met with a doctor to help rectify problems that threatened his quality of life, he had no idea that his health journey would turn into something so big. Now, years later, his project, the SHA Wellness Clinic, has become the most innovative and effective wellness clinic in the world. 

The SHA Wellness Clinic is focused on doing the same thing that helped Parietti by encouraging its guests to live longer and better through integrative approaches to health. The SHA Method incorporates the idea of health as more than the surface definition, taking spiritual, physical, and mental well-being into consideration, achieved through various kinds of advances such as preventive medicine, nutrition, psychology, and revitalizing medicine.. Each individual method is curated to improve the health of the guest. 

And what better way to relax than to enjoy a beautiful getaway on the Mediterranean? The wellness clinic is located in Spain, set in between the cities of Alicante and Valencia, where the weather is almost always beautiful with 330 sunny days a year. The area is perfect for revitalizing activities like cycling, golf, and horseback riding. You can enjoy the nearby Sierra Helada, a gorgeous place to hike right over the Mediterranean Sea, or the culture and art of local villages surrounding it. All in all, you will be surrounded by a soothing, stress-free environment that’s centered on your health. 

You can also count on your individual residency to be calming. SHA offers suites ranging from deluxe to royal, and residences from garden to penthouse. All areas of stay are defined by open spaces, views, and easy accessibility to the outdoors — not to mention that all buildings, as well as other resources, are sustainable and designed to minimize the impact to surrounding land. 

The wellness clinic offers two programs: the 7-day Essential Transformation, to start your journey to better health, and the 14-day Wellness and Comprehensive Prevention program, to optimize your experience to get the greatest health benefit. With either program, you are guaranteed to get the best health and wellness experience, as SHA is the world’s leading wellness clinic for integrative medicine, winning over a hundred international awards to prove it. 

The SHA Method is broken down into different categories, each ensuring the utmost benefit to your personal health. 

The Healthy Nutrition program includes a balanced diet tailored for each guest’s needs, and promises a healthy improvement by following guidelines from the World Health Organization and other studies from top universities. 

Natural Therapies work to strengthen the immune system through the body’s own restorative powers, initiating the healing of the body from habits that may be detrimental to one’s well-being. 

SHA’s Healthy Living Academy is a comprehensive way of teaching new, healthy methods of living in order to give each person the information and tools to continue their health journey after leaving the wellness clinic. Conferences, healthy cooking classes, meditation, yoga, and mindfulness are all parts of way in which healthy learning is reinforced. 

Healthy Aging plays a large role in the integrative procedures offered at the clinic. With the most advanced techniques, the SHA team works to slow down the effects of aging to live a better life. Premature aging and cell degeneration are targets in slowing of this natural process.

The use of Regenerative Medicine translates to the application of the most advanced biotechnology to treat diseases by replicating the natural regenerative processes of the body. Access to this kind of innovation cannot be found just anywhere, proving again how SHA utilizes the most beneficial treatments possible. 

Similarly, Revitalizing Medicine uses four different treatments to act as a curative way to approach health, based on the regeneration of the healing system and the integration of the human biosystem. Ozone therapy, cellular analysis, revitalizing intramuscular treatment, and serum therapy make Revitalizing Medicine impactful to the health of the body. 

At the SHA Wellness Clinic, you can also experience the best treatments in aesthetic medicine in the world, with an acclaimed team of experts and the most advanced equipment. With minimally invasive treatments, you will be left feeling much more comfortable and happy in your own skin. 

Fitness plays an important role in a stay at the wellness clinic, viewed as essential to the improvement of your health. Your active routine can be customized by the SHA team and reinforced by fitness practices from a personal trainer in all different forms: hiking in a scenic getaway, boxing, paddling, nordic walking, pilates, and working out at the aqua gym. Whatever your preference for burning calories, SHA Wellness Clinic has got it covered. 

Aside from physical rejuvenation, the SHA Method also encourages the collaboration of body and mind and spirit. This balance can be achieved through various activities offered, such as meditation, yoga, and psychotherapy, for treating the mind can be just as crucial to your health as treating your body. Cognitive stimulation works to expose your mind to its fullest capabilities. 

As if SHA’s dedication to the best health assistance wasn’t enough, the brand has also established the SHA Foundation, an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for the entire world– not just for those who visit. The foundation focuses on researching malnutrition and its correlation with health, considering scarcity and insufficiency to emphasize the significance of nutrition. Their projects include donating all expenses normally dedicated to Christmas gifting to the Environmental Defense Fund in order to help natural aspects that influence global health. SHA redefines what it means to be dedicated to the bettering of health internationally. 

Wellness clinic locations have also expanded to Mexico and the Emirates, each one offering its own unique connection to scenic nature. 

The SHA Wellness Clinic is undoubtedly one of the most innovative and beneficial wellness retreats, with the most advanced treatments to enhance all your health needs. If you’re looking for a beautiful getaway for some time to relax, the SHA Method is calling your name.