EXOvault : The Art of Crafting High End iPhone Cases

Located in Brooklyn, EXOvault is cranking out specialty iPhone cases and glasses that are made from materials such as metal, wood, and brass — materials which very few other companies use when manufacturing iPhone cases. Popular for both their durability and quality design, EXOvault’s high end iphone cases offer both a unique look and feel that will have your friends filled with envy and most importantly, have your phone protected.


Owner and designer, Jonathan Schipper, believes that their combination of modern tools and materials, along with their appreciation for craftsmanship and design, is what makes EXOvault so successful. The relationship, he believes, between the process and the product, is one worth revisiting. Schipper draws a lot of design inspiration from The Industrial Revolution, a time where there was a clear shift in the manufacturing process. He explained how things such as “armour, instrument cases, and weapons” were created with a lot of “shapes”, meaning they have certain curvatures and lines that somehow didn’t translate to the modern world. It is his passion for these turn of the century creations that are the driving force behind these luxury iPhone cases.

Using and sourcing materials like brass and metal not only give each case a sense of personality, but allows each case to withstand everyday wear and tear. “A scratch or a dent, in some situations, could potentially ruin the look of a case. With ours, we believe it actually adds to the look, like it was meant to be there.” (However, if you do find yourself in need of a repair, they do offer a service for that.)


When asked if they plan on expanding to Android, Schipper replied, “We tried. We might try again, but the market was really limited. We believe anyone willing to spend money on our products is most likely an Apple owner and user already.” Sorry Android users, looks like you’ll just have to convert over to the iPhone.

Additionally, if you are in the market for a luxury briefcase, which could double as a laptop case, EXOvault plans to release this product in the near future. “It’s in the rendering stage right now. We spend most of the time in the digital world, designing, which makes it a lot easier to see the product before it’s actually made.” Leaving us feeling excited about the future, EXOvault cases can be purchased for $150 to $440. They even offer custom engravings, or you can choose any of their existing options for an additional $40.