J&Co Stylists Talk Fall Hair Trends

With every season, there are new trends that follow. Inspiration can stem from what we’ve been seeing on fashion runways to the changing temperatures and what’s gone viral on social media. When it comes to our hair and beauty regimen, trying something new can be nerve-wracking for some, and others, a welcomed transformation. Whether you’re ready to go big and bold or just want to shake up your everyday—we spoke with stylist Nadirah and colorist Natasha of J&Co Hair to get the latest on fall hair trends.

fall hair trends

Photo by J&Co

Natural Beauty
Natural-looking hair is one of the easiest trends we can all get behind. From long or short to straight or curly, women everywhere have been giving chemical treatments, dye jobs and hot tools a much-needed break. “A lot of women have been embracing their natural hair whether it’s wavy or super curly,” said Nadirah. “Some people come in and they don’t even want a blowout anymore. Washing and wearing is a huge trend we’ve been seeing.” For fall, it’s all about loving what you have and working with what you got.

Short & Sweet
Making the chop is always scary but you’re about to start seeing a whole lot more people rocking shorter locks. When you meet with your stylist, discuss your concerns and trust that they know what length and shape will work best for you. Nadirah explained, “Face shape and age definitely play a factor in short hair but there’s ways to get around that. It’s not necessarily about the haircut but how you construct the haircut.” Nadirah suggests for those people with a rounder face shape to consider starting with a lob—a longer and choppier version of a bob.

Perfectly Undone
For some of us we simply don’t have time to “do” our hair every morning. Luckily, fall calls for artfully undone hair along the lines of messy buns, loose braids and enviable beach waves. “The big question we always get is how to create beach waves at home. What’s great about a beachy look is that it doesn’t have to be perfect,” Nadirah explained. At home, Nadirah recommends using a traditional curling iron instead of a wand for more control. “The important thing you want to remember is to leave at least half an inch to an inch of hair out at the end. Also, curl your waves in opposite directions so they’re not all facing the same way.” Keeping the ends straight and alternating the wave pattern will ultimately result in a more natural and textured look that you can rock for days to come.

fall hair trends


Pumpkin Spice Shades
It’s officially “fallayage” season and even your hair is demanding to get in on the pumpkin spice action. We’re not talking shades of orange but rather adding layers of dimension and depth to your hair by using colors like caramel, cinnamon, gold and copper. Natasha explained, “All my
blondes and balayage clients are asking for darker tones—more warming and golden colors that are subtle.” Natasha encourages those people with lighter hair to get a temporary glaze or gloss rather than a full color treatment in order to play around with different shades of blonde without being permanent. This color trend requires minimal upkeep and gets even better as it grows out.

Dark Side
Deep, dark tones are in for fall—think chocolate, mocha and espresso bases with touches of cool-toned strands. For inspo, Natasha referenced actress Olivia Munn as her #hairgoals. “I’ve been looking a lot at Olivia Munn lately. Her hair is a deep brown with lighter pieces around her face that help give her hair texture. A lot of people don’t know this but even color can give your hair texture too believe it or not.” Ask your colorist for ribbons of chestnut or auburn highlights to help break up the richness and create a piecey look that frames the face.