Find Relaxation at SoJo Spa Club

The resurgence of the Hudson Waterfront here in North New Jersey has given way to a variety of exciting developments. But even with all the latest luxury residences and eateries, it’s still important to find the time to relax, and there is no better way to clear one’s mind than to indulge in a first-class spa getaway. SoJo Spa Club, a new 240,000-square-foot spa resort and hotel in Edgewater, is offering its patrons an opportunity to find serenity despite its close proximity to the busy streets of Manhattan. Overlooking the Hudson River, SoJo’s rooftop infinity pool presents visitors with a panoramic view of the coveted skyline across the river and the chic design of the spa’s architecture. Devoted to calmness, SoJo SpSoJo1a Club achieves tranquility with its relaxation lounge, a perfect environment for quiet de-stressing and reenergizing with meditation and stretching, and comfortable seating options including bean chairs, floor mats, and massage recliners. In light of its opening this Friday, VUE attended SoJo Spa Club’s welcoming event earlier this week on 660 River Road in Edgewater.

Along with relaxation, modern spas are renowned for their anti-aging and health-promoting properties. At SoJo, their hydrotherapy pool combines elements of heat, water and air to increase circulation, restore muscle tissue and reduce joint inflammation. In addition, outdoor baths include a hinoki, a carbon rich and a silk bath.

The saunas featured at SoJo Spa Club draw from cultures throughout the world to provide unique health-improving resources. The far-infrared sauna mimics natural sunlight without detrimental sSoJoSpaClub-HotTubolar radiation that not only improves blood circulation, but also reduces fatigue and energizes the body and mind. The red clay sauna is infused with negative ions that increase blood circulation and oxygenation to further promote toxin release from the pores and muscles. The charcoal sauna aids in eliminating heavy metals and toxic chemicals from the body while relaxing stiffness and tension, providing relief from muscle aches and inflammation, including arthritis.

Sojo’s ice room’s icy temperature allows for the contraction of pores and blood vessels, further reducing the appearance of fine wrinkles on the face and furthermore activating the body’s immune system. Other sauna rooms include a Ganbanyoku room, Japanese hot stone therapy room, halotherapy room, salt-enriched environment with clSoJoSpaClub-Exterioreansing properties, Himalayan salt sauna, infused with salt from the Himalayan mountains and the white clay sauna, with white clay mud that stimulates the lymphatic system. Spa treatments include facials, massages, body treatments and beauty bar and express treatments.

As a staple in luxury spas, SoJo Spa Club is enthusiastic in providing a relaxation getaway in Bergen County, NJ. Likewise, VUE and Bergen County at large are extremely excited for the addition of a luxury spa of such magnitude right here in our community. The spa is located at 660 River Road in Edgewater, NJ. For more information visit SoJo Spa Club.