Golf Pro Tips: 3 Tips On How To Improve Your Golf Game


Here, you’ll find three tips on how to improve your golf game, from PGA Head Golf Professional, Brian Krulfeifer.


Creating power with the driver
In order to maximize your distance with a driver, it is important to set up consistently and properly.  The ball position should be set up on the instep of your lead foot.  This will allow the club to swing up on the ball, increasing the launch angle and minimizing the spin rate.  Another important aspect to note is the slight opening of the front foot.  By “flaring” your front foot, you will be able to rotate your legs, hips and chest towards the target with less tension and greater range of motion.  Following these steps will allow you to hit it farther without physically swinging any harder.


Playing the percentages
Golf is a game of managing your misses.  Properly planning your way around a golf course will ultimately lead to better scores.  It is important to recognize where you’d like to play your next shot from, whether you execute your ideal shot correctly or not.  The 5th hole at North Jersey Country Club is a long, uphill par 4 with a tricky green complex.  As you can see, missing the green in either the right or left bunkers is no picnic.  The correct miss would be just in front of the green.  This means if you are in between clubs on your approach shot, you should choose the shorter club.  In the event that you do not execute your ideal shot, your next shot will end up in a spot that you can easily get up and down from.


Chipping with confidence
The key to executing a proper chip shot is the make sure your hands are leading the way.  Most amateurs will try to help the ball in the air by flipping the club at the ball, allowing the clubhead to pass their hands.  To avoid this, the ball should be played in the middle of your stance and a majority of your weight on your lead foot.  By setting up with your lead arm and shaft in one continuous line (red line), your hands will now rest on the front side of the golf ball.  The goal now is to gently rock your shoulders and return to the same position at impact as your set up.  This will ensure that the clubhead does not pass your hands as well as a downward angle of attack, resulting in clean contact on the golf ball.


By Brianna Robertiello



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