Hunza G: Swimwear For All

London-based sustainable swimwear label Hunza G was born in 1984 as Hunza, under the direction of Peter Meadows. The baton has since been passed to Creative Director Georgina Huddart who now leads the brand. With huge success in the industry, the label has made a statement with a one-size fit inclusive approach and its sustainability commitment with made-to-order pieces. Hunza G stands out by bringing a twist to new and classic shapes and challenging the standards of swimwear today.

Duo Edie Nile BIkini, $190


Audrey Nile Swim, $186.90


Duo Edie Nile BIkini, $190


Edie Nile Bikini, $190

Square Neck Swim, $172.90

 Zadie Nile Bikini, $190

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