Bowflex HVT: The Modern Workout for the Busy Professional

As a busy professional—with no time to dedicate multiple, exhaustive sets on the bench press—there’s a sense of unproductivity and incompleteness that comes from missing weekly exercise routines. And how can one still feel the effectiveness of working out without creating space to allocate for transportation amidst a packed schedule? 

Bowflex has continued inventing multiple ways to accommodate every hard-working professional’s needs for the past 30 years. This time, they developed the Bowflex HVT, a machine that combines both cardio and strength training into convenient, speedy, and effective workouts for your avid exerciser or your typical beginner. By taking up less than 20 minutes of your day, Hybrid Velocity Training can deliver a full-body circuit that helps you burn fat and build muscle simultaneously, helping you achieve your 2019 fitness pursuits.

hvt bowflex

Getting into shape proves a difficult feat for most, and after a long, hard day, it’s all but unattainable. To erase that cumbersome feeling of driving to the gym, you can put the machine in any area of the room, accommodating to your home space and making home fitness much more motivating. With time becoming a huge obstacle for people, the ease and convenience of an intense 18-minute workout will encourage you to make time in the day for some Hybrid Velocity Training. 

Bowflex understands that working out encompasses much more than just “picking up weights and putting them down.” With the dual-action workout machine you no longer need to adapt: it will adapt to you. It comes with three pre-programmed workouts (Sprint mode, Circuit mode, and Builder mode) designed to enhance your custom fitness experience, inspiring a new method for achieving results. The versatility of the Bowflex HVT workout can activate five times more muscles than the average strength training routine, including a burning of calories equivalent to running 1.5 miles. 

HVT Bowflex

In addition to its versatility, the Bowflex HVT also comes with a training app that has everything available for you when you embark on this new journey. The 50 trainer-instructed, detailed videos aid in the direction you desire to take, acting as a personal trainer to coach and challenge you on a daily basis. The coaching console includes a LCD/LED display showing total time, total calories burned, Total Power score and level of resistance, giving you the proper feedback to track your progress. If you are someone who is familiar with the world of weight training, the app lets you manually piece together a routine to your liking. The Bowflex HVT creates a moment to cease what you are doing, and to dedicate a few minutes to tackling those ever-elusive fitness goals.