LAYERS: Achieving Optimal Skin Health from Within

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After more than 15 years working in consumerpackaged goods, LAYERS founder and CEO, Rachel Behm has taken the plunge into the entrepreneurial world of skincare. A year and a half ago she decided to part from the corporate world to create her own clean and sustainable microbe-based skincare brand.

Leaving the major corporation Johnson & Johnson was an immense transition. She had been in the consumer sector working on top brands including Neutrogena, Aveeno, and others noteworthy in the beauty industry. She was in the Los Angeles office leading the beauty incubator which was a way for the company to compete with independent brands that were being introduced and taking market share. This position offered Rachel the opportunity to witness first-hand the high-paced environment of what she described as a “scrappy but dedicated team”.

When it came to looking at her next career move, she felt it hard to go back to the standard way of working. Her more freeing experience with her LA team sparked a desire for entrepreneurship. She ultimately decided against going back to a corporate work environment and felt fully motivated to start LAYERS.

Upon moving to New Jersey, her journey began through Ignite Ventures Studio, a Princeton-based company that builds and invests in up-and-coming brands. Fortunately, the company was co-founded by two former Johnson & Johnson executives who Rachel had worked with and known for years. She felt able to take the steps in her new path with people she readily knew and trusted. With them, she had a jump start and now works with some of the best ingredient suppliers and manufacturers in the world that have helped bring LAYERS to fruition.

Working From the Inside Out

LAYERS focuses on an inside-outside approach using powerful naturally derived ingredients that work through the microbiome, which are the microbiomes and bacteria that live in and on our bodies. Microbiome cells are not human cells and in fact, outnumber human cells at an astonishing three to one. They have an amazing symbiotic relationship with our bodies as revealed by the Human Microbiome Study that showed everything from obesity, Alzheimer’s, and skin health are linked to the work these bacteria do for our bodies. The most prevalent areas for these bacteria are in your gut and on your skin. The Microbiome communities communicate with one another by sending signals and micro language back and forth. This means that the optimization of skin health is reliant on both a topical and internal level so consideration of the gut microbiome is imperative.

When Rachel began the prototype phase for the Daily Glow Probiotic Supplements, she had been taking them for about nine days when she noticed that upon waking up in the morning, she didn’t have the pillow lines she typically experienced after a night’s rest. She was initially unsure if the effect was the work of the supplements, or if her increasingly supple skin was a natural result of getting more sleep and her exposure to better air quality in her new residence in New Jersey. A month passed and Behm ran out of her 30-day supply of the supplements. Ten days later the pillow lines appeared once again. It became clear supplements were a vital addition to any skin regime.

The LAYERS supplements are highly potent with half of each pill containing a five-strain probiotic, and the other half containing a ceramide extract that works through the bloodstream. Ceramides are responsible for elasticity and can combat aging. The powerful combination of ingredients typically begins to make a noticeable impact anywhere from 15 to 30 days of consistent usage.

Through LAYERS, Behm aims to not only provide game-changing products but also work to educate consumers about the interconnectedness of our body systems. Diet, sleep, exercise, and stress are all components in achieving optimal skin health. The incorporation of daily probiotics, such as in the LAYERS supplement, can be an excellent boost for the body and aid in regulating digestion, and skin healing. Consumers as early as age 18 may even benefit from adding such probiotics to their daily routine.

adding such probiotics to their daily routine. In the last ten years, consumers have become increasingly interested in the contents of their skincare products. They’ve self-educated and understand what to look for in skincare. As consumers learn more, Behm believes the next wave of skin education will focus on how we might protect our microbiomes and boost our body’s natural abilities to give us our best skin.

The LAYERS approach to optimal skin hydration, elasticity, and smoothness works through a combination of topical and ingestible products for maximized results. In conjunction, Behm emphasizes the importance of eating well and recognizing how certain foods might trigger particular reactions on the skin. Regular exercise should also be considered for a complete and impactful balance.



A super gentle cleanser will wash away dirt, impurities, make-up, and pollutants. With powerful ingredients including a prebiotic and probiotic blend of yogurt powder and lactobacillus ferment, beneficial bacteria can be preserved while lactic acid works to exfoliate the skin


A powerfully concentrated serum that utilizes a blend of lactobacillus ferment and skin-renewing plant extracts to accelerate cell turnover and increase lipid and protein levels to reveal stronger and more luminous skin.


An ultra-rich and creamy moisturizer that nourishes and boosts skin immunity and increases skin moisture. It increases the diversity of the microflora to strengthen the skin barrier for a nourished and glowing complexion.


Essential dual-action supplements that are clinically proven to reveal healthier-looking skin. The probiotic nourishes the microbiome through your gut-skin connection and ultimately results in skin feeling awakened, hydrated, and brighter from within | @my.layers



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