Love On The Banks: River House At Odette’s

There is something uniquely intimate about a refreshing river breeze. Weddings at The River House at Odette’s, a luxury hotel in New Hope, Pennsylvania, know that the presence of the Delaware River is a beautiful backdrop to any ceremony. Her historic currents, with their constant ebb and flow, offer an inspiring feel of strength and peace to the newlyweds. 

A lifetime of tradition is celebrated at any wedding at Odette’s, an elevated indoor-outdoor venue nestled along the banks of the Delaware. The property itself is named in memory of Odette Myrtil Logan, a French-American actress, singer, and violinist, whose cabaret playhouse, Chez Odette’s, once delighted all of New Hope with its live Parisian-style entertainment. Her playhouse has been renovated into what is now River House. As a venue, it is an edgy, yet elegant, space dedicated to the union of urban-inspired design elements with flowing fabrics, bold fixtures, and reclaimed architectural features. Those who visit River House are immediately enthralled not only by the gorgeous view but by everything that surrounds them. It is upscale and luxurious at the same time that is eclectically unique. 

A wedding at Odette’s feels unlike any other wedding. An unparalleled combination of a fresh atmosphere with a proven method of success, Odette’s implements the same careful event planning strategies as does her sister property, The Reeds at Shelter Haven, down in Stone Harbor. The Reeds has hosted over seventy-five weddings a year for over eight years and they know which ingredients are necessary to concoct the perfect celebration. Elements such as an in-house pastry team, full-scale tasting events comparable to receptions, and full-time wedding coordinators are but a few of the features which separate Odette’s from her competitors. The result is a seamless wedding planning experience that culminates into an exclusive event of dreamlike sophistication. 

Therefore, it is no wonder that brides and grooms planning their weddings are naturally flocking to this romantic, time-inspired venue. 

New Hope, Pennsylvania is a wonderful destination for any couple hoping to escape the mundane for the weekend. Whereas city destination weddings are ever-popular, city logistics present their own challenges which can detract from the enjoyment of your wedding. In comparison, a wedding in New Hope is feasible. Wedding parties and guests can walk right into town and have time to explore all the charm that the town has to offer without feeling as though the focus of the wedding itself  has been lost. The combination of the gorgeous reception space and the practicality of a small-town, results in a destination experience without the complications of truly planning a destination wedding. 

When asked about the best assets for a couple considering a venue like Odette’s, Executive Director of Sales, Krista Ostrander, says “It really combines the romantic and the whimsical with this exceptional and unique architecture. It is a ballroom that truly just brings the outside in.” 

It is so much more than just an opulent space with bountiful coveted waterfront views. Inside, with all the glass walls wide open, it is as though the barrier between the inside and outside world disappears. This is one of the major appeals of Odette’s. While there is gorgeous, natural ambiance all around, there is also security in knowing that you are able to fully plan everything and protect it from the elements at the same time. Even if you need to close the paneling to the outside, the glass panels ensure that there is never a need to lose your view. Furthermore, there is radiator heat all along the porches, so there is no need to fear a change in weather–the ambiance or atmosphere will never be lost.  

The dazzling romance of the venue is particularly evident in how River House uses its outdoor spaces. While the reception and the cocktail hour will always remain inside, a riverfront outdoor ceremony is a possibility and, with the soothing song of the Delaware and free blowing breezes, is certainly sure to be a memorable experience. When talking to Ostrander, she described one such ceremony that took place outside, in view of the water. They lined the ceremony space with velvet couches near a giant, weeping willow that sat in front of where the two canals merged, “it couldn’t have been more symbolic of a union.”

Even while indoors, the freedom of fresh air is still preserved. The full glass walls that line the cocktail hour and reception space, also known as nanowalls, pull back into the sides, allowing a complete immersion into the charming riverside evening breeze. Couples who book with River House are able to capture that ever-desirable open-air atmosphere, all the while knowing they are covered when it comes to the elements. This serves to heighten that sense of liberation that permeates the space–there is freedom to move about and adapt, but there is also no need to worry about a storm rolling through. 

This adaptability is at the heart of every River House event. Their experienced team of professional planners and creative culinarians work alongside couples to tailor each aspect of a wedding to the needs of the individuals. Since all food and drink goes through the River House team, there is a complete elimination of the stress regarding caterers and food vendors, and the Food and Beverage Director at Odette’s will work alongside couples to ensure that every detail accommodates specifications, tastes, and styles. 

All the little touches that define River House echo throughout the property. Passion is the root of their work and all of the company’s aesthetics carry through to each of their various displays. It is why the chef will sit for twenty-minutes to explain the raw bar and it is why food tastings are almost like receptions within themselves. “They don’t want couples to come in and just try a couple of food items, they want you to come in and see the room fully decorated by all of their favorite florists, with entertainment on-site, perhaps a roaming electric violinist or a piano player, and they are serving everything from hors d’oeuvres all the way to salads and entrees, finishing, of course, with the wedding cake,”  said Ostrander.

It is always River House’s intent to allow the couple to completely envision their wedding day before it happens, to highlight all of the fine inner intricacies so that the couple can picture themselves celebrating and relaxing alongside family and friends. River House views their tasting events as an opportunity to showcase not just a few menu items, but the overall experience of the venue, from how they clear and set tables, to the kind of music that will be playing, says Ostrander, “Because we believe in what we are offering to people and that that will make them excited.”

Whether people come to Odette’s to plan their wedding, stay for a leisurely dinner, or even just go to enjoy a three-hour brunch, any visit to River House will be an experience. From the little handmade key-shaped chocolates made by  the in-house pastry team to the extensive hot chocolate choice on their rooftop menu, to the valet’s uniform, refinement and care are present in every detail.

At River House, gorgeous atmosphere marries convenience. From clinking champagne flutes in the open-concept ballroom to relaxing in the vaulted ceiling piano lounge, the location offers a grandiose full-weekend experience to any couple that wants to celebrate their wedding with vibrance and flair.