Making A Rug Your Own With Rug Artisan

As a versatile and creative way to add some life to your room, rugs are a staple in home decor. Whether for your kitchen, living room, or an outdoor lounging area, rugs are sure to bring the space aesthetics together. We sat down with Omar Sid, the Creative Director for Rug Artisan, to learn a bit more about how to find the perfect fit.

But let’s be real– rugs are an investment. They can often be expensive, which makes selecting the perfect one that much more stressful. And there are many factors to consider, so how do you know where to start?

Rug Artisan is a well-known name in the floor coverings industry. What started out as a simple idea, to connect various Artisans to provide beautiful handmade rugs, transformed into a brand that can be found all over the world. In its innovative fashion, the company allows customers to virtually design their own rug, adding even more to the personalization of a handmade product.

Despite all of that, choosing how to design the rest of the room is entirely up to the individual. Still, Sid recommends a certain starting point for all rug-consumers.

“The first and foremost should be the color scheme, what sort of a place it’s going into, and what the use will be,” he said. “It’s something to really consider– it’s an investment into a piece of art on the floor.”

Think of the intention. If you want to bring eyes to the floor, and to have the rug be the main visual for the room, a vibrant pattern may be what you’re looking for to stand out. If you want attention elsewhere, picture how the rug comes into play.

Envision the space that will hold the rug. What colors are around it? Are there neutral colors on the furniture’s upholstery that would make for a good match? Is there a bold, colorful piece of art in the room that you wish to highlight instead? Patterns could also be a great way to utilize the rug for creative expression. A neutral, plain rug could have a completely different impact than one with a complex and eye-catching design.

The uses of the rug are another important aspect to consider before diving headfirst into the process. Ask yourself what your living style looks like. If there are pets and children in the household, a more durable and easy-to-wash floor covering would offer more practical use. Similarly, if the rug is being placed in a dining area, you may want to think twice about using a fabric like silk, which would be much more difficult to clean.

The spacing of furniture on the rug can help you gain more insight into the use of it, as well. You may tend to move furniture often, which may be problematic for some rugs, as impression marks can take weeks to fade completely.

Once you have all of these aspects figured out, Sid urges the customer to consider the logistics of the rug–size and material matter! The classic wool is perfect for many different reasons: durability, better retention of coloring over time, and easy to clean. Silk can bring some attention to detail, but may not be the best suited material for the floor.

Outdoor rugs are, as Sid explains, entirely different from an indoor rug. Thus, the selection process is a little different. Outdoor floor coverings are easily washed, often reversible, and are durable enough for nearly anything. They can be placed in multiple different locations outdoors, but grips are crucial to the effectiveness of the rug. To prevent the rug from curling up, whether from excessive use or furniture movement, consider grips to keep it in place.

Don’t be afraid to take risks.  Brands like Rug Artisan offer samples to take the online realm to the next step, and Sid encourages looking at the color in different lightings as a helpful prepping tip.

All things considered, the option of a handmade rug is worth the investment. You deserve to be sure of the rug before you commit, and the best way to maximize satisfaction is to turn to the handmade rug industry.

Most important of all is how the rug suits the self. Select something that you find comfort in– something that appeals to you visually, while satiating all of your usage needs.