NOBIS: Mastering Function and Fashion


Nobis is a luxury outerwear brand that aims to create pieces that are not only highly functional, but also meet the style desires of consumers. In 2006, Nobis co- founder Robin Yates found himself unceremoniously disbanded from his former employer and without plans for his next career move. In this transition, he found himself faced with a number of “suitors” who sought out Yates’s expertise and experience to replicate the work he had done. The transition turned into what is now Nobis.


In his previous position, Yates noticed a number of unsatisfied customers and found that 30 to 40 percent of them were disappointed with the product purchasing experience. Yates became eager to build a brand that exceeded customer expectations in the outerwear space. His goal is now to satisfy customers by delivering a high-end outerwear that is pioneering in uniting function and fashion. Yates found his benchmark was an outerwear buyer who traditionally focused on performance, but he knew style was also essential. The foundation of Nobis has been to marry the functionality of outerwear with a consumer’s personal style. Under Yates’ guidance, Nobis now builds and designs quality products with pieces that have a longevity that surpasses fast fashion.


Keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront,  Yates recognized a need to make adjustments based on the disappointments, concerns, and criticisms of traditional outerwear. It was his goal to ensure Nobis would satisfy consumers who have been dissatisfied with other luxury outerwear brands. One addition was to immediately offer Nobis products with both full fur and hoods, and also without as to complement the Spring season. Technical performance elements have been added making pieces windproof, waterproof, and breathable in order to perform at maximum functionality. It was also imperative to ensure Nobis pieces could be washed at home to cut out the usual cost of dry cleaning.

The quality and color of the coats should be noted. With Nobis designs, customers have a wide choice of colors and, unlike many other brands, Nobis pieces will not fade within just years of purchase. Nobis coats are lightweight made with 100% premium Canadian down which contributes to creating a coat that is mobile with built-in performance elements. The jackets not only focus on performance, but are designed to complement the unique silhouettes of men and women.

No Cold Shoulder

In November of 2021, Nobis launched its “No Cold Shoulder” initiative which is focused on giving back through coat donations. With the help of the nonprofit One Warm Coat, Nobis is able to warm thousands across the U.S. and around the world. This initiative encourages the upcycling of gently worn coats to get them on the shoulders of those in need.


By Brianna Robertiello



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