Pologeorgis: Fur Fanatic

Using deluxe furs and materials sourced from different countries around the globe, Pologeorgis is a luxury brand that is dedicated to producing high-quality, lavish garments. Their innovative design tactics, detail-oriented craftsmanship and skilled masters of the craft have created some of the most elegantly posh outerwear garments on the market. Started by Stanley Pologeorgis, an immigrant from Crete, in 1960, the brand kicked off by the relationships Stanley formed with renowned designers such as Pierre Balmain. Manufacturing their garments in the heart of New York City, the craftspeople at Pologeorgis still cut and sew their garments by hand and stay true to traditional design techniques. The President, Nick Pologeorgis, is devoted to using ethically sourced furs and sustainable production tactics. He personally sources all of the pelts used to ensure they are up to his family and Pologeorgis’ standards. Pologeorgis’ rich history and diverse group of craftspeople has generated pristine fur garments, as well as allowing the brand to stick to its family-oriented philosophy. 2020 marks the 60th anniversary of design and production of luxury outerwear at the family owned and operated company. Traditional styles meet a modernly chic, streetwear style with Pologeorgis’  Fall/Winter 2020 designs. 

The Catalina Golden Sable Zip Vest in tan will keep you quite warm in winter months with its standing collar, slit pockets and thick gold zipper for closure.



The Gabriella Reversible Rabbit Fur Lined Puffer in white features two sleek looks in one coat. One side is a puffer jacket to stand up against wintery weather, and the other is sheared rabbit.


The Amina Mink Fur Belted Coat features a notch closure, full length sleeves and a fur belt to keep you toasty, even on bitterly cold days.


The Bianca Sable Fur Jacket in beige hugs you with suede inserts, a winged collar and full length straight sleeves so you remain cozy, in style.


The Dahlia Striped Mink Fur Coat introduces a modern flair with a crew neck cut, suede inserts and a trendy multicolor design that includes shades of silver blue, green, yellow, cinnamon and burgundy mink.


The Leah Cross Mink Fur & Leather Coat in white is a complete showstopper with a notch collar, black leather inserts and snap closures.