Owning a luxury timepiece is not cheap. Affording a Rolex or a Hublot often means being able to shell out as much as some people earn in an entire year. However, if you think about the reasons for owning a luxury watch, more than anything, it’s about making an impression, it’s about feeling that sense of sophistication reserved for a select few. Eleven James gives more people the opportunity to experience that feeling.

eleven jamesFounded by Randy Brandoff, former CMO of Marquis Jet and CMO of NetJets in January 2014, Eleven James is a membership club that provides all the perks of luxury timepiece ownership without the cost. Membership plans consist of four different collections and your choice of three, four or six watches per year. The collections are Enthusiast, Aficionado, Connoisseur, and Virtuoso, each of which is organized by retail price. The Enthusiast Collection, for example, consists of timepieces which are worth five thousand dollars, on average, while the Virtuoso Collection consists of watches worth $40,000, on average. Members also have the option to combine collections in hybrid plans.

This year marked the introduction of the Enthusiast collection, their most affordable collection. “It’s definitely attracting younger demographics, millennials, 25-35 years of age,” said Elaine Barsoom, Executive Vice President of Eleven James. Further increasing opportunity of membership is sure to have contributed to the company’s 400% growth over the last year and a half, even despite their lack of marketing and advertising. “We have grown everything organically and over the last year and a half we’ve gotten tremendous press in hundreds of publications,” explained Barsoom.

Variety is key. “Initially we attracted a lot of the watch connoisseurs who love watches and knew and understood that variety was important, and understood the benefits of trying on a lot of watches. There are many watches you may want to date but not necessarily marry,” said Barsoom. That is why Eleven James also allows members to purchase watches and makes it easier for them to do so with their Rewards program. Members acquire points when they return watches on time, renew membership, and when they refer other members. These points can be used toward upgrading one’s collection, adding rotations, and purchasing a timepiece.

More than just a way to expand one’s timepiece repertoire, Eleven James also offers some extravagant perks through a variety of partnerships. These perks include a discount to Core Club, a gift certificate to Nigel Curtis, a bespoke clothier, and access to Wheels Up, on demand aviation, to name a few. “It’s an experience in lifestyle,” said Barsoom, “everything you can possibly imagine for the modern man.”

For more information contact Elaine Barsoom at elaine@elevenjames.com or visit ElevenJames.com.