Natural Beauty with Costa Brazil

For some, travel can be life-changing. It has the power to shift your perspective, your personality, your values. For Francisco Costa, former Creative Director for Calvin Klein, a trip to his homeland of Brazil allowed him to reconnect with the very things that inspire him. The richness of the Amazon rainforest. Having respect for one’s…

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Get Glowing with RODIN olio lusso

rodin olio lusso

—An unconventional beauty trend proves it’s fit for every skin type. Up until a year ago, I was amongst the large population of people who bought into the cautionary tales surrounding oily skin. Specifically that excess oil on the face meant clogged pores, breakouts and unwanted shine. The logic adds up, but the latest trend…

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Zoku Salon: Celeb-Worthy Style in Summit New Jersey

After a decade of questionable cuts and bad dye jobs, it took me quite some time to finally land on a hairstyle (and color) I didn’t want to change. My look has remained virtually the same for the past few years—a medium-length blond lob that allows me to alternate between beachy wavy and straight locks.…

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Scents of the Season: 5 Fragrances to Fall For This Year

The shift in seasons brings with it a rush of new and evocative scents. For fall, think warm apples, pumpkin treats, burnt wood and hearty herbs. Just like we transition our homes and wardrobes, don’t forget to make room for fragrances that complement the incoming change in climate. It’s time to ditch the fruity-florals and…

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Just For Hims


If 2019 is all about gender equality, it’s necessary to address how the standards of male beauty are changing. As women, we already know the controversy surrounding society’s idea of what makes us beautiful—and no, I’m sorry to report that we did not, in fact, wake up like this. These same standards, many people will…

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Hidden History: The Modern and Medieval Relevance of Siena, Italy

medieval relevance of Siena

As a Tuscan city, Siena, Italy has existed in the shadows of its neighbor Florence for centuries. Prior to the Italian Renaissance, the Italian Medieval Period lasted from the fifth to the eighth century when Charlemagne invaded Italy. While Florence is known for its priceless collection of Botticelli paintings, being home to the graves of…

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