Get Glowing with RODIN olio lusso

—An unconventional beauty trend proves it’s fit for every skin type.

Up until a year ago, I was amongst the large population of people who bought into the cautionary tales surrounding oily skin. Specifically that excess oil on the face meant clogged pores, breakouts and unwanted shine. The logic adds up, but the latest trend taking over the beauty industry makes a case for oils that are designed to transform one’s complexion. In a completely healthy, non-greasy kind of way. 

To be clear, I’m not talking about just any oils. The ones making a name for themselves in 2020 are derived from plant-based ingredients such as flowers and botanicals. Think rosehip, marula, tea tree, sunflower, jojoba—among other varieties. Their benefits range from soothing inflammation and reducing wrinkles to clearing acne and hydrating dry skin. A face oil can be used on its own as part of your nighttime routine, mixed into moisturizer or underneath makeup for a lit-from-within glow. 

rodin olio lussoNo one understands this cult beauty secret better than Linda Rodin, founder of what some deem the first luxury face oil to hit the market—or as Goop called it, “the face oil that put face oils on the map.” Rodin, a former model, stylist and editor for 40 years created her namesake beauty brand RODIN olio lusso out of necessity—translating literally to “luxury face oil” in Italian. 

As if she were some sort of mad scientist, Rodin began blending essential oils together in the bathroom of her home until she came up with a combination that suited her skin. Today, their signature Jasmine & Neroli olio lusso is made from the same essential oil blend that Rodin concocted 12 years ago, although the brand has since been acquired by Estée Lauder. 

What makes face oils different than say, a moisturizer, is their ability to penetrate the skin rather than just resting on the surface. Therefore, a face oil should be the last step in your routine as a barrier to lock in other nourishing products. It’s also essential in balancing the skin. Since our bodies naturally make oil, it’s possible that one can be at risk of either over or under producing. So by providing one’s face with a steady flow of oil, it can actually help to calm and regulate the skin.

That being said, all oils are not created equal and can vary from ultra-rich and intense to dry and fast-absorbing. Which is why you’ll often find that facial oils are a blend of ingredients that combine fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. The fatty acids restore moisture and balance; the vitamins serve as antioxidants and protect against harmful UV rays; and minerals can help heal and repair. 

In RODIN’s Jasmine & Neroli oil, their unique blend combines Omega 9 fatty acids, Vitamin E, pro-Vitamin A and a carefully selected mix of high quality oils (jasmine, neroli, jojoba, almond, apricot, primrose, calendula, sunflower, argan and rosehip).

As someone with chronically dry skin, the thought of adding oil to my skin doesn’t scare me. But here’s the message for those who are still hesitant—oil attracts oil. The “good” oils that you’re putting into the skin bind with and will later draw out the “bad” oils that are either created naturally or are a result of buildup. Come winter, a face oil should be the secret weapon in your skincare arsenal.