The Art of Dentistry

One common misconception is that any general dentist can give you that beaming beautiful smile you have always wanted. However, that is not a likely reality. Like a plastic surgeon getting called in to reduce the chance of scarring on a facial wound, a cosmetic dentist works in the same way for your teeth. Dr. Trichas has endured countless hours of training to learn the best techniques and aesthetics needed to create the perfect smile. We call it, the art of dentistry.

Downtown Dental Arts of Montclair specializes in Cosmetic Dental and is top of their game. Leading the group is Dr. Konstantine Trichas, who graduated as a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) at SUNY Buffalo School of Dental Medicine and completed a General Practice Residency at Muhlenberg Hospital in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Subsequently, Dr. Trichas received his Fellowship at the Academy of General Dentistry and completed Advanced Educational Training with The Hornbrook Group. In addition to his personal credentials, Downtown Dental Arts has held a 20-year relationship with Jason Kim Oral Design, one of the top cosmetic labs in the country.

Cosmetic dentistry makes use of “Smile Design.”  “Smile Design in a process and an art. It is the blueprint that we, cosmetic dentists, use to create a beautiful smile,” said Trichas. He acknowledges that not every person is identical and not all smiles are the same. “You need to make them unique to the individual,” he said, “you do not want every person that walks in to have the same off the rack smile.” 

Dr. Trichas is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and takes full advantage of the latest technology and techniques available to diagnose and educate his patients. They are implanting technology that will allow the patient to visualize the end result before any treatment begins. By using facial analytics, Trichas and the Downtown Dental team have been able to custom make smiles that suit everyone.

Years in the industry and thousands of makeovers later, Dr. Trichas has been able to perfect his craft and give someone the most radiant and natural looking smile. “You don’t want it to look like you’ve had your teeth worked on,” he said.  One way he sets himself apart from other dentists is through the quality of his materials and techniques he used in order to achieve this look. For example, Veneers are a common dental material used to improve the aesthetic of a tooth and protect it from substances that it might contact. Porcelain is a commonly used material of choice for veneers but unfortunately, not all porcelain is made the same. Downtown Dental utilities Felspathic Veneers that are hand layered and gives the teeth a natural translucency that mimics natural teeth.

Dr. Trichas didn’t realize how impactful and rewarding the profession would be until he started seeing reactions from his patients. Teeth can be a source of anxiety and insecurity for individuals and Dr. Trichas was able to see how his work could impact his patients on an emotional and psychological level. In a statement released by the American Dental Association, 35% of young adults surveyed reported feeling embarrassed by the condition of their mouth and teeth. They also found that 1 in 4 adults avoid smiling because of these same conditions. With the use of his smile precision, he was able to watch his patients’ attitudes and self-confidence blossom.

A consultation can be the first step to jump start to a brighter smile. Dr. Trichas will make sure you feel satisfied with the finished product. Whether that be through a digital transformation, or through the use of before and after photos with temporary acrylics, Dr. Trichas wants you to see how a smile design can give you the confidence you have always wanted.