The Best Flower Fields in NJ: Our must visits this season

There are countless activities one can do as the weather gets warmer and the sun sets later. With spring and summer vastly approaching, don’t default to walks in the park or a visit to the local ice-cream shop. New Jersey is home to wonderful fields of flowers ranging from tulips to sunflowers, and a trip there is ideal for any family outing, friend’s trip, or date, and you should take advantage of that. Once and floral, here are the best flower fields in NJ. 

Holland Ridge Farms – Cream Ridge, NJ

Holland Ridge Farms in Cream Ridge, NJ is by far the best of the best. With over 8 million tulips, a multitude of food options, and incredible photo opportunities, you can’t go wrong picking this spot. Open from April 6th through April 21st, there is still plenty of time to enjoy their Spring Spectacular event. 

Aside from picking tulips, which are $1 per stem on weekends and 50 cents during the week, guests can take photos, create content, go for a hayride, grab a bite at the food trucks, buy souvenirs, visit the tulip planting museum, meet and greet rescue animals, feed mini animals at the feeding zoo, take a horse and carriage ride through the fields, ride ponies, check out the bakery, and hear live music. 

General admission is $15 on weekdays and $17 on weekends, and groups of 25 or more can go for $13.50. For such a memorable and lovely experience, these prices are excellent. Between all of the activities and the chance to make a bouquet from 8 million tulips, Holland Ridge Farms is definitely one of the best flower fields in NJ.


Von Thun Farms – Washington and Monmouth Junction, NJ

PhotoAt over 100 years old, Von Thun Farms and their two locations are packed with fun events. The Washington location, however, is home to the Sunflower Trail, a beautiful field of, of course, sunflowers. 

For $14.99 online or $16.99 in person, weekend admission includes access to the fields, photo op areas, a hayride, and entry into the animal barnyard. Sunflowers are $3 per stem, and guests are also able to pick summer flowers, berries, and peaches. During the week, the online price is $12.99 and the in-person price is $14.99. Hayrides are not available on weekdays. On select weekends, the farm has food trucks and craft NJ breweries, as well as an activity area with over 20 activities and games.

For even more activities, head to the Sunflower Festival on July 27th and 28th, August 3rd and 4th, or August 10th and 11th. Those dates will see an array of food trucks, beer, wine, a craft fair, live country music, and every activity listed above. Tickets are $19.99 online and $21.99 in person. 


Dalton Farms – Swedesboro, NJ

PhotoDalton Farms’ Festival of Tulips is one of the best flower fields in NJ for its breathtaking collection of not only tulips, but daffodils, sunflowers, and dahlias. Every weekend, they have beer, wine, and food trucks that visit the 99 acre family-owned farm. Local artists even pop-up to give a performance. Paddle boat rides are offered on some weekends, but bikes and swings are available all week.

While tulip season is now closed, sunflowers are in bloom from August 24th through October 15th. Online tickets are $13 and walk-ups are $18. Flowers are $2 per stem and 10 for $10.  The dahlia prices and bloom period are the exact same.

Dalton Farms notes that they understand unexpected changes in plans, so tickets are very flexible and easy to change. They even offer services to senior living facilities, adult care facilities, and group homes, so that everyone can enjoy the fields no matter their situation. 



Alan’s Flower Farm – Chesterfield, NJ

large gallery image 21This 165 acre farm with 125 acres dedicated to plants has something for everyone. Pick from dahlias, sunflowers, eucalyptus, asters, cockscombs, sweet william, and lisianthus, or pick all of them and create a dazzling mixed bouquet. 

With over 80 varieties, including those mentioned above and some fan-favorites like hydrangeas, lavender, and marigolds, this 30-year-old farm is definitely one of the best flower fields in NJ.

A one-on-one flower consultation service via phone or video call is $75 for one hour, curly willow for indoor or outdoor decoration is available for $5 a bunch or $20 a bundle, photography is offered, and of course, there is flower picking and visits. 

With all that they offer, it might be hard to choose, but Alan’s Flower Farm is dedicated to creating unique bouquets each week for inspiration. As they write on their website, “Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.” —Luther Burbank


Ward’s Farm – Salem, NJ

Crimson Clover Photo SessionLaunched in 2012 by Allen and Alyssa Ward, this organic flower farm that specializes in field grown cut flowers continues to grow into one of the best flower fields in NJ.

Each year, the Ward’s add different varieties of flowers to their farm, and even practice sustainable architecture. Their events include BYOB date nights and picnics, flower picking, and pumpkin picking in the colder months.

Their unique “Flower Shares” are made for homes, and customers can pick from three options and choose a plan of bi-weekly, which is eight bouquets, or monthly, which is four. Each bouquet features fresh cut flowers, and can be picked up in Mannington or Monroeville, NJ.

They also offer an array of photo sessions, both off-season and during bloom. Prices range based on the package, such as $42 for a crimson clover photo session or $52 for a sunset timeframe full farm session. 

For those searching for a perfect spot to get wedding flowers, Ward’s Farm offers mason jar arrangements, a bucket full of blooms, and a wedding floral package, along with custom arrangements. Guests can even book their wedding at the farm!

With an incredible range of flowers and all their offerings, Ward’s Farm is most definitely one of the best flower fields in NJ. 


Pick one, pick two, or pick from all of these choices of the best flower fields in NJ. No matter which you choose, you will be leaving with beautiful bouquets and wonderful memories. 

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