The Most Unique Places To Get Married


We’ve all been to a wedding at a church. Maybe you’ve even seen a wedding on a beach, or in someone’s backyard. But if you’re looking for something that’s different – a venue that none of your friends have had – you may want to consider some of these options. Getting married doesn’t happen every day, so why not go big?

Nuptials in Nature

Photo: Life in Motion Photo and Film

To all the nature lovers out there, a treehouse venue might be exactly what you are looking for. Allow the lush beauty of nature to be the backdrop for your special day, and have your white dress stand out amongst the deep green and brown hues of the environment around you.

Wedding Day Flight

Photo: Caroline Robert of Caroline’s Collective

If you don’t have a fear of heights, a wedding in the sky is the perfect adventure to kick off the rest of your life. You can reach new heights (quite literally) and soar through the air to commemorate the occasion in one of the most memorable ways possible.

Winter Wedding Wonderland

Photo: © DF Motion

For this venue idea, a coat could be just as important as the dress. If a beach destination is simply too hot, escape to an ice palace to say your “I do’s” – but be sure to tell your guests to dress warm!

Lovers At The Library

Photo: Brian Dorsey Studios

Fairytales aren’t only in books. A library wedding is just what the couple looking for an intimate and warm setting may need. Share your love for each other – and for books – at libraries in destinations all over the world. Overwhelmed by the options? Check out the iconic New York Public Library, for starters, because yes, you can actually get married there.

Underwater Union

Photo: Water Bear Photography

You are going to need to have an experience in swimming and a towel on standby for this outrageous wedding venue idea. Whether it’s in a lake or a pool, being submerged in water for your big day is definitely something that not many people have seen before. This idea makes for some great pictures and a truly unforgettable wedding experience.

By Addison Gallagher



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