The Urus: The Lamborghini’s First SUV

The Lamborghini Urus goes from 0-100 km/h in 3.6 seconds. Standard stuff for a Lamborghini but other models don’t necessarily carry the same payload. Able to accommodate soccer players, camping gear or tailgating condiments, the Urus is the company’s first SUV, and we recently had the opportunity to put the crossover to the test. “The Urus has the horsepower and the guts of a Lamborghini while providing all the comfort and practicality of an SUV,” said Jason Underberg, founder and publisher of VUE Magazine. A thrill ride either way, room to move begins with a 3003 mm wheelbase, and the 12-way adjustable, heated upfront seating gives even more space to kick. If standard’s not enough, though, an 18-way adjustable with ventilation and massage works out any other kinks. In the back, the footballers get five seats to toe the line and sharpen their cleats. The Urus also lets the kids go over the game plan by reducing noise levels in STRADA Mode. Of course, when the clock runs out, mom and/or dad can gear up for a getaway. The fold back seat expands the storage from 616 liters to 1.596, and opting for CORSA mode, the Lamborghini gets loud and lets you gloat your escape. Nonetheless, the low sports car seating position makes everyone feel like the sky’s within reach.

That said, the luxury design touches done with Lamborghini’s signature Italian craftsmanship and the finest leather, aluminum, carbon fiber and wood finish do the interiors justice. So pleasing to the eye and soothing to the touch, the extrasensory gets its say. Enroute in Jersey Jason commented,” “The technology is the best we’ve ever seen and has every integration you could imagine.” All accessible by the Lamborghini Urus infotainment system the steering wheel keeps the control close to the vest, and down right, the center console ups the interface. The top screen dishes the entertainment array and manages navigation and car status. Then on the down low, screen two offers a keyboard and fictionality for various interior settings.

In addition, voice control lets you go empty handed. Naturaldialogue can initiate telephone calls, send texts or cue up the music. The amenities begin with an eight speaker setup, and if so specified, a Bang & Olufsen Sound System. 21 speakers in total, a 3D sound experience rings true in the back and front. “The audio is exceptional.” Opting out of upfront isn’t a problem either. The Smartphone Interface connects Apple CarPlay, Android Auto or Baidu-Carlife. The elders tuned out, wireless charging keeps you dialed in, but there’s no need to squint. Bluetooth media streaming enlarges the visuals and so does the standard DVD player. Although, there might be enough drama under the hood to put the binge watching at bay. A 4.0-liter petrol V8 twin-turbo aluminum engine delivers 650hp at 6000 RPM, which reflects the vehicle’s off-road alter ego. A high torque low rev engine guarantees success on the slog and lives up to Urus’ inspiration. A large, wild ancestor of domestic cattle, this “Bull” won’t suffer any sluggishness. The compact engine accentuates a low center of gravity, and the turbo charger layout set nearby the combustion chambers coincides to ensure engine responsiveness. The automatic eight-speed gearbox and slip-controlled converter lock-up clutch add to the engine’s attentiveness. But new cylinderliner technology means the giddy up will be there too. With a double overhead camshaft and variable valve timing, weight is reduced and performance is optimized. Although when your responsibilities shift on the daily turn, six modes stand ready. In STRADA, the height adjusts according to speed to enhance comfort. Jason commented, “The Urus goes beyond your standard sport and economy drive. We can actually feel the car move up and down and shift.” Conversely, SPORT descends the drive to ensure stability and precision, while CORSA refines the precision and keeps the roll to a minimum. However, remaining grounded matters most in NEVE, TERRA and SABBIA modes. Going up a notch, off-road obstacles more easily pass under the elevated setting, and anti-roll bars ensure independent asymmetric movement and optimal traction. Torque vectoring does its part too. Utilizing a rear differential, propulsive power is distributed to each wheel instantly and tightens the grip on the road. On the other hand, the driver can loosen up at ten and two. The vectoring requires less effort behind the wheel and allows higher cornering speeds. Agile as ever, the front wheels know what the back are doing. At low speeds, the rear-axle steering angle runs opposite of the front wheels and shortens the wheelbase. Thus, the shortened turn circle increases maneuverability.

Conversely, higher speeds has the wheels seeing eye to eye. The rear axle and front wheel turn in the same direction, and with a longer wheelbase, the stability increases and so do the driving dynamics. Still, you may have to stop on a dime and the breaking is up to snuff. Carbon Ceramic Brakes are the largest and most powerful available, and with minimal brake fade, the system is sensitive to the touch and assures performance and safety. An angel on your shoulder not standard or optional, the Advanced Driver Assistance System is the next best thing. High Beam Assistant automatically fades brights, cruise control keeps on an even keel, parking sensors work in parallel and the PreCognition system minimizes the chances for mishaps. Even so, the envious know it’s a Lamborghini when they see it coming. The short overhangs leave the tires unobscured and bursting to muscle ahead. But the approach isn’t any less profound. The engine protruding proudly at the peak of the bonnet, the front view is imposing. Additionally, Urus puts the best of both worlds at the fore. Hexagonal air intakes, which are linked by a front spoiler, and a distinctive front fender exude power and aerodynamic efficiency. The LED headlights then lead the way. But dropping back, a coupé-style fly line loops up and around the rear windows and seamlessly connects the front and rear. The artistry appears to derive from a single metallic canvas, while sharply angled front and rear windows conjure Lamborghini’s past and emote the silhouette of a super sports car. And in the end, the integrated double round exhaust pipes will have you racing—whether you’re loaded for bear or streamlined for speed.