TillingHouse: “A Touch of Nostalgia”

Finding the perfect place to embark on your forever, embellished by luxe design, an overwhelmingly passionate team, and exceptional cuisine that welcomes you back time and time again is a rarity. Battello of Jersey City, led by the most talented group of restaurant and managerial professionals, selflessly dedicates themselves to mastering the craft of their industry. A picturesque, waterfront wedding venue and restaurant overlooking mesmerizing views of lower Manhattan are what draws people in; however, it is the top-tier service and exquisite cuisine that keeps people coming back. The Battello team created the best wedding venue space in New Jersey, and they are about to do it once again with TillingHouse.

TillingHouse, nestled on the grounds of the Suneagles Golf course in Monmouth County, is a must-see for brides-to-be. An ultra-high-end event venue, executed by the Battello team, stands apart from any other wedding venue in New Jersey. The team was truly the strength of this project. “We are a family. Although we are not all blood-related, we are an actual family and that’s what makes us work,” says Dominique Borzomati, Director of Events at TillingHouse. Borzomati has been with the team for nearly a decade; from Battello to TillingHouse, she is undoubtedly their party planner extraordinaire. Her commitment and attentiveness to each client’s individual needs with a mission to commemorate one of life’s biggest milestones are truly unparalleled. “Part of what we sell is not just a space, yet an experience,” Borzomati explains.


What is distinctly unique about this venue are the luxurious amenities that enhance a couple’s special day. Extensive time and effort were poured into ensuring every intricate detail would saturate the space with character that felt unlike any other venue. Bridal suites with pampering salons, a groom’s lounge with an on-site barber shop, exclusive access to the putting greens, and a chic parlor lounge and bar are just a glimpse into the state-of-the-art amenities that the team spared no expense on. Red Bank Design Center partnered with TillingHouse to create an Art Deco ambiance that preserves the historic nature of the building, infusing its industrial feel with a modern flare. Every square inch of the space is bold and glamorous, ready to host your most important celebrations. 

Chef and Partner Ryan DePersio not only brings his wealth of experience to the tables of Battello; he is eager to turn up the intensity at Ember and Eagle of TillingHouse. While currently a pop-up restaurant concept within the TillingHouse banquet space, until the restaurant is up and running in full force, Ember and Eagle provides just a taste of what the restaurant will become once completely open in the summer of 2024.“Very mad-men style, with a sexy date night feel and a touch of nostalgia,” is how DePersio describes this fine dining experience. DePersio is acclaimed as one of New Jersey’s most talented and respected chefs with award-winning experiences in the kitchens of Fascino, NICO Kitchen + Bar, Battello, The Kitchen Step, and TillingHouse. His years of experience, Michelin-star influence, and relentless passion for creating progressive and perfectly executed dishes proudly radiate throughout the operation of TillingHouse. Every fine dining experience is elevated by an extensive wine list and carefully curated cocktails. Cory Checket, the Director of Operations and certified Sommelier, took his talents to Battello after investing himself in the restaurant and bar scene for a decade. He now continues his passion at TillingHouse, granting guests the most exclusive wine list and cocktails, elevated with a modern twist to deliver a delectable culinary experience. Joe Calafiore, Director of Operations, has assisted in the opening of numerous esteemed New Jersey restaurants. His cutting-edge, business approach toward Battello is nothing short of what molds the success at the premier TillingHouse venue. Calafiore’s professional calling within the restaurant industry stems from his ambition to support successful businesses at the highest level. 


While Battello was the location for learning the trials and tribulations of business, it was also the space for perfecting it. Like TillingHouse, Battello is both a restaurant and a wedding venue. Because of the restaurant, people can come back, unlike other wedding venues, and embrace the warmth of such cherished memories. The team anticipates emulating this same reminiscent feel within TillingHouse so you can relive the moments when you celebrated your special day.

“Each one of us individually brings something so different. We all have our own specialized skill and it brings us all together as a whole and makes us really good at what we do,” Borzomati shares. TillingHouse offers something so different, yet familiar, from a dedicated team overwhelmingly rich in knowledge of what it takes to run a successful business. Such a breathtaking event venue within this realm of luxury is the destination that everyone in the tri-state area has been yearning for. Whether you’re seeking an incredible ambiance with the highest quality of service and cuisine or an elegant space for your private events that will create memories that last a lifetime, TillingHouse does it all.