Waterpark in Atlantic City takes the first splash as the Boardwalk’s premier family-friendly attraction

Spanning an astounding 100,000 square feet, the new waterpark in Atlantic City is set to be one of the largest waterparks in the world. Amidst the various forms of adult-focused fun scattered around the shiny casino hub of Atlantic City, Island Waterpark promises to take that dive and forever put the Boardwalk on the map as a family-friendly destination.

Island Waterpark is the largest indoor/outdoor waterpark in the United States with a remarkable 11 slides and 10,300 square feet of splash pad.

The $100 million project promises fun for all with outlets, restaurants, and an adults-only section with alcoholic beverages and even a place to get your nails done.

Waterpark in Atlantic City

Island Waterpark stands out on the Atlantic City Boardwalk as one of the only resort spots that have no focus on gambling. The only kind of wager to be made here is who will win the parallel slide races – and your wallet is likely in your locker, anyway.

The waterpark in Atlantic City being such a vast distinction from other entertainment offerings is a gamble in and of itself, but the venue hopes to utilize its retractable glass-pane roof to encourage family fun all year round.

Waterpark in Atlantic City

Garnering its summer crowd, the attraction is set to open Memorial Day Weekend 2023 to kick off another successful season for Jersey Shore tourism. The waterpark in Atlantic City hopes to add to that success and notoriety by becoming a new kind of acclaimed destination: earmarking another reason to visit the Boardwalk.

Philadelphia developer Bart Blatstein is hammering home the idea of non-casino attractions on the Boardwalk. Island Waterpark is meant to complement the already existing family-fun venture, Lucky Snake Arcade and Sports Bar, attached to The Showboat Hotel.

Waterpark in Atlantic City

The year-round destination comes equipped with a “Mild to Wild” diverse number of features, with everything from a lazy river to a surf simulator machine, a daring mock-up of a crazy day on the waves.

The highly-anticipated Island Waterpark promises a reinvention of the Boardwalk. Family-friendly entertainment, according to Blatstein, is the key to redefining what Atlantic City means to families.

Waterpark in Atlantic City

Blatstein is doubling down on this innovative concept. Island Waterpark hopes to put Atlantic City on the map…again – and this time, in an entirely new way.