Winter 2020 Hotel ReVUE

Jupiter Beach Resort & Spa 

Jupiter, Florida

With all the early snow coming in at the end of 2019, I knew it was time to pack my bags for a quick getaway. Being the typical New Jerseyan that I am, I booked a ticket down to Florida’s east coast, but this time, I wanted to go to a town I hadn’t visited before. In years past, I heard about the hype surrounding the real estate in Jupiter Island—once listed as the second most expensive small town zip code in the country (with an average home value of $2.8 million). 

The thing is, you can’t really do much in Jupiter Island, that is, unless a local celebrity like Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods has invited you to hang at their mansion. Still, I wanted to explore this nook of eastern Florida, in the neighboring town of Jupiter. When it comes to beachfront hotels—which is quintessential if you’re fleeing the Jersey snow—Jupiter Beach Resort & Spa is the only game in town with that kind of real estate.


The hotel is situated at the northern tip of Palm Beach County, featuring 178 rooms, 36 suites and, of course, three penthouse suites at its top level. From the moment you arrive, Jupiter Beach defines a sense of escape—the valet always waiting for someone to arrive. Relaxation and exploration is the theme here; some of my favorite amenities were an oceanfront pool and bar, bikes and the turquoise ocean just a few steps outside the property. In addition to a full bar and lounge, there’s also Sinclairs, an eclectic on-site restaurant where I ate breakfast each morning and dinner my final night (that is, of course, after I visited 1000 NORTH, co-owned by Jordan himself).


To my surprise, the four-star property had an incredible spa tucked beneath its main lobby. The spa here was truly rejuvenating; not in any sort of groundbreaking way, what I mean is it hit all the notes you want a spa to hit when you’re escaping Old Man Winter here in the Northeast. Looking back, I’m glad I didn’t skip this feature, spending some time in the common area in my spa robe sipping green tea was the moment when I really disconnected and felt recharged.

My favorite thing about Jupiter Beach was how well it entwined with the area’s local identity. The hotel features initiative packages during sea turtle season that partners with nearby Loggerhead Marinelife Center in Juno Beach. Not only can you potentially get a glimpse of hatchlings on the beach, but you can visit the center (even volunteer) and witness their research and rehabilitation efforts firsthand. This is a great way to spend some of your time here whether you’re with family or simply just want to educate yourself at the conservation center.

Though the hotel’s last major renovation was in 2012, there’s a charm to some of its older details (like old school elevator buttons). There’s a certain seclusion to Jupiter Beach’s location that made my umpteenth visit to the Sunshine State feel a little different. It wasn’t because of any one thing, but a culmination of everything at the resort—the staff, the town, the building. Outside on the beach, with my toes dredging the wet sand, I felt like no one could find me—the perfect place to disappear.


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