6 Fun and Eclectic Marble Jewelry Ideas

Accessorizing with jewelry is a timeless technique that men and women around the world have been using for centuries to accentuate their style. Eclectic jewelry is especially unique and identifiable because it’s made from the inspiration of a variety of sources such as varying cultures, places, ideas, and materials. Combining eclectic jewelry with marble design is a winning combination that can give anyone a sophisticated and stunning look. The designs are endless and with the following 6 fun and eclectic marble jewelry ideas, you’ll be ready for a night out on the town in no time.

1. Marble stud earrings

Traditionally marble is recognized as a surface for countertops, and what a winning duo that is. Marble countertops boast sleek and bright designs with gray marbling throughout. Because marble is a metamorphic material, it’s durable and gorgeous, but also needs special care. Marble is used for countertops but it can also be used for jewelry too.

Marble stud earring are a fun and flirty way to flaunt your elegant style. Marble stud earrings typically come in smaller sizes because marble is a heavier material, so you wouldn’t want all that weight pulling on your ears. A marble stud earring is the perfect eclectic look because it allows you to highlight the contours of your face, and your updo, with a touch of class.

Most marble stud earrings come in rounded shapes but you can try DIY techniques to get a desired look for your favorite pair. There are methods of cracking and baking marble to achieve special effects that make your marble jewelry look like it’s come from a handmade shop in an exotic part of the world. You can add more marbling, cracking, and color by following some of those methods. There numerous blogs and instructional videos that will teach you how to get that desired effect.

The beauty of marble stud earrings is that they can give you a dressed up or dressed down look. Crazy, casual, cool, or classic, marble earrings provide an accentuation to match your style. Because of their small size, they won’t overpower the main look you’re trying to achieve.

marble jewelry

2. Marble Brooch

Nothing says eclectic like a marble brooch. Brooches have been worn for centuries as a type of ornament to decorate an outfit, commemorate a special memory, or simply for fun. Brooches are made in an enormous and endless amount of designs from twisted metal wires, beading, diamonds, stones, and yes, marble. Marble brooches are eclectic because they give off an old-world vibe. Marble has been a longstanding staple in early design and incorporating it into your pendant jewelry will be sure to give you a mature yet luxurious appeal.

marble jewelry

3. Marble Statement Necklace

All things eclectic come from the weaving together of cross-cultural influences. The finer things in life come from an array of inspirations from around the globe and marble has transcended the boundaries of time and space as a highly valued jewelry stone.  A marble statement necklace is the epitome of eye-catching jewelry.

With a marble necklace statement piece, you can choose large and smaller pieces of marble to create into a masterpiece of your very own. The larger pieces of marble will show off your glitzy and glamorous side while maintaining hints of earthiness in its tones and smooth texture. If you’re looking to make a statement, putting together marble stones with different colors and textures on a necklace will be sure to grab everyone’s attention.

Statement necklaces stand out from most other jewelry because they are so versatile. You can add virtually any piece to a statement necklace to add to your bold look. The coming together of marble stones, gold shimmer and shine, along with other metallic accents will create a lasting impression and you’ll be reaching for that statement necklace every time you’re walking out the door.

marble jewelry

4. Marble Bracelets

Choosing the perfect piece of jewelry to compliment your outfit can be loads of fun. Sometimes the smallest things in life are the most fun, and a marble bracelet can add that playful pizzazz to complete your look. Marble bracelets are an excellent option to add to darker hued clothing as a pop of contrast on the wrist. You can also mix and match marble bracelets with a mash-up of colors and styles to amp of the eclecticism of the look you’re trying to achieve.

Marble bracelets are a nice tough because the marble can be incorporated and embedded into a bracelet as beads or stones, large or small.

marble jewelry

5. Marble Rings

A marble ring may sound like an intriguing or foreign concept, but they are commonly available for purchase through various outlets and small shops online. You can mix marble with other materials such as resin for extremely valuable and sturdy wedding bands, engagement rings, or decorative rings. You can mix marble with many different materials like steel, silicone, and others. Marble rings are a fun way to show off your commitment in a non-traditional; and eccentric way. As with bracelets, you can have the marble stone embedded onto a ring band, or you can wear a fully marble band. Typically, these rings are lighter in color and will be a sure-fire way to catch a few second glances. The color of the marble pairs especially well with gold and silver bands.

marble jewelry
6. Marble Ankle Bracelets

Yes, ankle bracelets are still “a thing” and owning an anklet that’s accentuated with marble screams all things fun and eclectic. Ankle bracelets have been a part of many different cultures and people groups around. The addition of marble to these bracelets adds an angle of richness yet simply purity and let’s be honest, we could all use something to make our feet look better. Marble will be sure to do the trick. It’s an elegant and classy way to show off your slim calves and jazz up your overall look.

Go Marbles for Marble

Even though marble has long been famous for its countertop use, it’s roots developed from being a desired stone in jewelry pieces for centuries. Marble is a statement stone that can add depth to your jewelry collection. Consider these fun and eclectic marble jewelry ideas for an undeniably beautiful look.