Sitting in the heart of the Garden State, lies a hidden gem evoking the ambiance of Sonoma Valley—618 in Freehold, NJ. Offering an extraordinary dining experience, this establishment brings the artistry of cuisine to Monmouth County with a sophisticated touch, specializing in Italian cuisine. From hopes and dreams, turned into a reality, 618 emerged with the guidance of an award-winning chef.

Matthew Boroski, the owner of 618, crossed paths with Chef Christopher Dutka through mutual acquaintances. Their shared passions and similar backgrounds in the culinary world allowed them to recognize the importance of different perspectives. 618 then emerged in 2016 from similarities and a shared dream. Which will be turning into eight years of celebratory success in 2024. 

The allure of 618 extends beyond its culinary delights to lavish interior design. Upon entry, you are greeted by low lighting, wood paneling, and brick walls, creating a contemporary rustic atmosphere that immediately captivates. Adorning the ceiling are stunning chandeliers, further enhancing the ambiance, while floral arrangements adorn the walls, adding to the restaurant’s aesthetic appeal. 

In addition to the ambience, the restaurant provides extraordinary service creating a welcoming and friendly atmosphere for guests. 618’s waitstaff does an exquisite job understanding your needs while showing lavish hospitality adding to the extraordinary dining experience. They don’t hesitate to answer questions or provide recommendations for guests.  

Once you take your seat, you emerge in the cultivating Italian cuisine that adorns the menu creating a delightful dining experience. All options incorporated within the menu are scrupulously prepared dishes, ranging from pastas, seafood, steak and chicken dishes. Each dish incorporated on the menu is a testament to the culinary art 618 brings to Monmouth County. 

Begin your lavish dining experience with a delectable small plate appetizer, stuffed mushrooms. The dish is expertly paired with fennel sausage, broccoli rabe, pecorino, San Marzano sauce. As you savor each bite, the impeccable flavors put together will leave a lasting impression leaving you to want more.

Stuffed Mushrooms

As the main course, enjoy your dinner experiencing the beautifully cooked signature Pat LeFrieda steaks. Complemented with sides of black truffle whipped potatoes and cabernet thyme sauce asparagus, all cooked to perfection, tying the dish together. Showcasing the finest ingredients in a lavish way. 

Satisfy your sweet tooth after embarking in a delicious dinner with homemade desserts. The dessert menu incorporates cake, ice cream sandwiches and night caps including sweet and savory martinis. Additionally, the menu incorporates sundaes including the Chunky Monkey Brownie Sundae. The sundae includes banana dulce de leche gelato, salted caramel cookies, peanut butter hot fudge, whipped cream and brandied cherries, beautifully complementing each other creating a delicious dessert and an impeccable way to end your dinner. 

Chunky Monkey Brownie Sundae

618 offers an extraordinary dining experience that emerges you in the artistry of cuisine. From the moment you enter, the beautiful contemporary rustic ambiance, extraordinary service and cultivating menu creates a lasting impression. Lastly, the ambiance of the restaurant is perfect whether you would like to enjoy an intimate dinner with a special someone or a family dinner. The restaurant does an exquisite job catering to the event of the night.  Indulge yourself in all that 618 has to offer and don’t hesitate to make your reservation today!