By: Loannie Dao

From digital sunglasses to watches with touchscreens, wearable technology has come a long way in the fashion world. While more and more companies are jumping on this trend, few have found the sweet spot between classic design and functionality. MEZZI, a fashion brand that weds innovative technology with classic street style, has successfully incorporated technology into a chic handbag without having to compromise on elegance, making it possible for the everyday woman to stay connected from day to night. Although the company is headed in Vancouver, Canada, the heart of their aesthetic is inspired by New York City’s dynamic style. Together with clean lines and classic shapes, MEZZI is made with quality materials that are suitable for even the busiest #GIRLbosses.

FashionVUE caught up with Keir Reynolds, CEO and Director of MEZZI, to discuss the brand that is revolutionizing the fashion-technology scene. Reynolds explained, “We’re really trying to bring the handbag into the 21st century. We’re trying to modernize it for the next millennial generation where technology is really important.” Consumers rely on accessible gadgets to get through the day, so MEZZI beautifully incorporates off-the-shelf technology into every handbag from the get-go. That way, women no longer need to shop for individual pieces of technology such as phone chargers.

The company wants to extend the use of the phone for busy young moms and professionals who have to stay connected throughout the day. Although many companies attempt to combine technology with fashion, the end result often misses the mark. MEZZI has managed to enhance the functionality of their handbags while keeping style at the forefront of their philosophy.

People are always sharing, streaming, and posting about their interests. These activities themselves are battery intensive and the modern phone is not able to survive a day without multiple charges. The unique thing about a MEZZI bag is that it includes lightweight chargers that are hidden inside each bag. “We wanted to integrate technology subtly into the bag, but still have it enhance functionality. There are a lot of products on the marketplace that are trying to combine an accessory with tech and are doing it in a cheap and tacky way. We are all about the beauty and design of it first,” said Reynolds.

Most handbags have not been adjusted well enough for the type of devices we are carrying today. MEZZI bags include technology pockets that fit a range of gadgets such as laptops, cell phones, and tablets, and are equipped with an internal bag light, perfect for finding items in the bag while in the dark.1e18a483-8fb7-4423-8e4d-05a2d9772d04

To pair with the summer months, MEZZI has released their newest line, equipped with new technology. The new collection will operate with the world’s largest crowdsourcing network to incorporate a tracking system for all travel totes. More so, Reynolds is most excited about the integrated Bluetooth speakers. This feature is embedded into the bag as a small chip, hidden behind the logo plate. Additionally, MEZZI added an audible call notification alert that blinks through an external light, letting people know when they are getting a message or phone call.

Although the brand is relatively new, MEZZI has managed to establish itself as the go-to handbag for women. Reynolds finds that most products on the market are designed with a masculine aesthetic, while MEZZI aims to look at it from the opposite perspective, making products that are truly for women. On top of this, they know how important brand ambassadors are; people want to know who else is wearing a brand and how they are wearing it. Social media and fashion influencers play a huge part in how people interact and trust brands. Reynolds emphasizes the point that consumers read up about new products to get third party validation.  And MEZZI takes advantage of this by inspiring their brand ambassadors to talk about their products.

As a brand, MEZZI prides itself on its minimalistic approach, staying relevant by incorporating new technology and taking inspiration from iconic long-standing brands, not just from fashion but also from the music industry. The company keeps their bags classic and simple. With so many options on the market today, MEZZI focuses on creating products that will not only stand the test of time, but push the boundaries between design and technology.