Set in Stone: A.H. Fisher Celebrates 35 Years

As a fourth generation Red Bank resident, Alan Fisher knows a thing or two about the historic town and its people. His great grandfather was a local woodworker and Fisher recounts his grandfather owning a successful confectionary shop just steps away from where his jewelry store—A.H. Fisher—stands today. As a boy, his first job was winding the neighborhood’s clock tower by hand, a fixture that still remains and reminds the family of all the personal and professional changes that time has brought them.

A.H. Fisher

Alan Fisher at A.I. Poland Jewelers

A.H. Fisher is one of only five businesses to remain on Red Bank’s Broad Street and they’re about to celebrate a 35th anniversary because of their family-first approach. Thanks to an initial referral from his grandfather, Fisher got his start in the jewelry industry in 1968 working after school, on weekends and in the summer doing repairs, polishing and machine engraving.

Fast-forward 15 years, Fisher was still involved in the jewelry business but feeling like he wanted to branch out on his own. It wasn’t until he met Karen, his now wife, that he decided to open a store of his own and put a ring on her finger.

Two kids later (a son Matthew and daughter Lauren), Fisher is still as dedicated as ever and shows no signs of slowing down, even completing annual exams to stay informed on current trends and advances in technology.

“The whole diamond and jewelry business is a retail business outside the box; it’s much more than buying and selling a product. There’s so much to learn, there’s an incredible degree of trust and relationship building involved. I’ve loved doing that. We don’t have one-time cash and carries—we have clients who have stayed for 30 years—we’re seeing their children now and Matthew is taking care of them.”

Left to Right: Lauren, Alan, Karen and Matthew

Wanting to take his hobby a step further, Fisher’s son Matthew used his finance degree to join the family business and combined his passion for sales with diamonds and high-end jewelry. To further his education, he’s even gone on to enroll at the Gemological Institute of America.

Now, Matthew is in charge of handling A.H. Fisher’s day-to-day management while his dad focuses his efforts on Claimlink, which has put the store on the map in a big way with major insurance carriers around the country.

“I love running into people outside the business and they recognize us for products we’ve sold them, and I love seeing the reviews we receive. Now, Matthew, my second generation is catering to our second generation of clients,” Fisher said.

Going forward, A.H. Fisher hopes to continue to grow and provide the kind of intimate, one-on-one service that can’t be replicated online or throughout national chains—even recently signing a lease that will keep them on Red Bank’s Broad Street for many more years to come.

To learn more about A.H. Fisher and what they offer, visit their website.

A.H. Fisher

A.H. Fisher store


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