A Modern Beach House in the Heart of Sea Bright

A stone’s throw from the beaches of Sea Bright, a boxy, modernist structure parts a sea of typical waterfront homes—a beacon paying homage to styles of both past and present. Lines of clad cedar wrap around every sharp corner, systematically separated only by bold vertical glass and a breathtaking mezzanine offering unchallenged views of the Atlantic.

Though Jersey City firm Jeff Jordan Architects set out to design a beach home for a busy Manhattan couple looking to entertain friends and family, the end result simultaneously carved some much welcomed style into the Jersey Shore landscape. Already located in an area known for its affluence, the structure serves as a promise of what our beach communities could be while also using material that eludes to a familiar aesthetic.

sea bright

Raised on stilts, the project features a two-story plan. This was meant to adhere to Sea Bright’s zoning code which prohibits homes from going beyond that. And so, Jeff Jordan—who established the firm in 2010—and his team set out to create a plan that would give its inhabitants different ocean views within the strict limitations imposed by the city. The design of the home’s top level and mezzanine became a focal point while simultaneously offering the homeowner functional outdoor space.

sea brightThe entrance stairway is preceded by a stone path which leads into the home’s first level. Inside, the soft coastal tones and configurations are enhanced by the sun by day and illuminated with warm interior lighting at night. Here, the structure’s three bedrooms are distributed along a main hallway with the master suite separated for more privacy.

Above, the second story features double-height ceilings, a floating staircase and a glass wall which brings the essence of coastal-living, indoors. This level also serves as the home’s social area, with its kitchen, living and dining room in one open-room floor plan. Outside, the sun deck extends out from the second floor and up to its mezzanine.

“The house’s form is an expression of its programmatic distribution,” the architects say. “The horizontally-oriented first floor massing contains private spaces such as bed and bathrooms. The larger cube-like massing which sits atop the first floor contains shared spaces such as the living and kitchen areas. The vertically-oriented massing that is offset from the other two contains the stairway and provides access to the ground level. The overall result is a terraced structure that offers large outdoor spaces that are perfect for sunbathing and cookouts. While the house’s form is clean and modern, its cedar board siding serves to tie it into a well-established beach house typology.”

In truth, the project was a way for the firm to showcase their conceptual innovation through visuals that can remind us of a modern Hudson County row house yet, an old mid-century beachfront masterpiece. Ultimately, this Sea Bright home stands at the intersection of detail and function—a place to marvel at each piece of carefully placed cedar cladding while concurrently serving as a perfect summer escape from city life. 

sea bright

About the Architect
Jeff Jordan Architects LLC is a full-service architecture practice focused on design excellence and project execution. Projects range in scale from modest interior remodels to complex new buildings and in location from the city to the countryside. Their work is characterized by their innovation, a commitment to sustainability, a strong understanding of the construction process and attention to detail. Jeff Jordan Architects engages in a multi-disciplinary approach involving close collaboration with not only their clients, but also other designers, engineers, fabricators and builders to achieve the greatest possible results. The firm’s extensive construction experience gives them unique insight into the building process while allowing their team to best represent the interests of their clients. Every project is seen as an opportunity to provide dynamic and uplifting responses to the nuances of the site, program and client.